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Toronto Fashion

Toronto's fashion industry was dealt a shocking blow today as Canada's leading style event scheduled to be held in February announced in a press release that "Toronto Fashion Week cancelled and it is reassessing the format of their platform." They go on to say, "To...
photography by Stephen Uhraney  https://www.instagram.com/stephenuhraney/ story by Mike Beggs Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/toronto_times/https://twitter.com/totimesnews Steampunks Photos by Stephen Uhraney Steampunk is a fascinating cultural subgenre, which combines elements of Science Fiction, 19th Century steam-powered machinery, and Victorian and Gothic fashions – and, of course, an...
Smog. Garbage. Cigarette smoke. These are the inescapable realities of living in a big city. It’s bad enough that you have to encounter these annoyances whenever you take your morning commute or take your dog for a walk down the street — what’s worse is...
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