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Escape Hour: Where Edmonton’s Best Escape Room Challenges Await!


Searching for a thrilling way to ring your holidays in Edmonton? Step into the exciting and immersive realm of escape rooms at Escape Hour where you will find unimaginable challenges and untold experiences!

Explore Diverse Themes

Cross the border into an area where you have to demonstrate your logical thinking, imagination, and ability to cooperate with others. Either a skilled escape game enthusiast or a fresh newbie, the Escape Hour game room has something for everyone. Each room provides its own theme, ranging from a theatrical thriller to an action-adventure, which means that you will be thrilled each time you visit us as you never know what to expect.

Engage in Intricate Puzzles

At our escape room in Edmonton, we focus on the immersive experience and the intricate puzzles that will make you attached to the game from the first minute until the last. We purposefully create every room down to the smallest detail to inspire the feeling of both reality and dreaming. From figuring out the tricky riddles to solving complicated puzzles, you will experience every bit of spike in adrenaline as you go from one thing to another.

Perfect for Any Occasion

Escape Hour is an apt place to play out holiday activities with buddies, relatives, or workmates. Whether this is a team-building event, a celebration of a birthday or just a fun trip with your loved ones – our escape rooms will ensure that you have an unforgettable adventure that will help your participants become closer and more excited.

Book Your Adventure Today

Are you excited to take on the next challenge? Our website will show our escape rooms in Edmonton, check availability and make a booking for your experience available. Online booking with the availability of convenient and flexible schedules has made planning the easiest than ever before. Don’t miss to come over to Escape Hour and immerse yourself in the best Edmonton escape room experience where challenges awaits. Get your friends together, let your wits shine, and rejoice in an experience that beats the rest. Your life-changing journey is about to begin!

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