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Ad Dimensions

Box (2″ X 1.3″)

Box (2″ X 2″)

Box (2″ X 2.6″)

Business card (1.5″X3.5″)

Business card (1.5″ X 3″)

Box (3.5″ X 5″) colour

Box (4″ X 3″)

Box (4″ X 4″)

Box (5″ X 3.5″)

1/4 Page (7″ X 5″)

1/2 Page (7.4″ x 10.25″)

Full Page (10.25″ x 14.8″)

Back Page

Front Banner

Earlug (Front page)

Each colour

4 Colour process


Weekly paper, 5 column format
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