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The Vegan Fashion Show returns to Toronto


TORONTO, Sept. 5, 2023 – Experience an incredible night of fashion and compassion at The Vegan Fashion Show on December 3! Taking place at Daniels Spectrum (5 85 Dundas Street East Toronto), the Vegan Fashion Show features the latest in ethical elegance with runway shows featuring designers from across Canada and beyond. This growing line up of designers includes QZ Shen, the Wifey Collection, Segan, Diane Kroe, Voes & Co, and Jeane & Jax. Discover groundbreaking plant-based materials, including luxurious plastic-free innovation.

Explore the holiday marketplace and arrive hungry! It’s a haven for unique vegan finds and delectable treats, perfect for early gift shopping. Sip on vegan cocktails at the licensed bar and connect with like-minded attendees. Engage in the exciting fashion game for a chance to win a sailboat tour around the Toronto Islands (see reel below).

Get ready to be captivated by raffle prizes, live entertainment, and captivating photo walls. Immerse yourself in educational materials highlighting the intersection of animal advocacy and sustainable fashion.

Our state-of-the-art venue, Daniel’s Spectrum, renowned for hosting prestigious fashion events, sets the stage for an unforgettable evening of elegance and compassion. Sponsored by Artscape, this iconic space amplifies the impact of your attendance.

Once again, we can expect a diverse and inclusive representation with participating models and volunteers.

Not just for vegans

The Vegan Fashion Show isn’t just for vegans. Producer/ Director Vikki Lenola explains, “We are not a vegan club. In fact, we intend to reach those interested in fashion who would never learn about the cause otherwise. Many people consider themselves animal lovers, but haven’t yet made the connection between animals and how they’re exploited for fashion. Businesses don’t show you the animal suffering when they market their non-vegan products. But people don’t want animals harmed for products; for example, that’s why we recently saw Canada pass the bill to end animal testing for cosmetics.

Many people also care about the environment. Unfortunately, animals are all too often left out of the conversation about sustainability; despite the fact that animal agriculture is one of the biggest drivers of environmental destruction on all fronts. Check out the Cowspiracy website for many sources on this. It’s a big cause that needs a lot of help. A simple way to help a little while having a fun night out is attending The Vegan Fashion Show! Guests love to discover the stylish vegan options and materials that are better for people, animals, and the planet. Our designers care about all of these things.”

Member Laura Christine Warner adds, “Vegan fashion frees and liberates animals from being used, abused, and labeled as products. This show opens up doors and platforms for vegan brands which are actively producing alternatives and awareness so that they are empowered, appreciated, and supported. It is also an opportunity to showcase the beauty in vegan-friendly makeup and hair styling products. With the help of the community, this show donates 100% of profits to an important organization which is fighting for legal animal rights.”

Host and member Angie Bell shares “Events like the Vegan Fashion Show could not come at a more pivotal time for both the animals and our planet. This show creates needed space for important conversations – about animal cruelty, sustainability and alternative options. There is a desire for this, the event being sold out is a testament to that. People want to do better; they just need to know how.”

Executive Director of Animal Justice had this to say during an interview last year, “We’re on the cusp of something really big. The fashion industry is really leading the charge on bringing on a cruelty-free future… whether it’s designers dropping fur, amazing new products coming out on the marketplace… we’re seeing massive change, and it’s thanks to events like this that are spurring that change.”

Event benefits Animal Justice

Support a meaningful cause — all proceeds from the event benefit Animal Justice, leaders in Canadian animal protection. Every element, from makeup to food to catwalk ensembles, embodies animal-free principles, making this event a celebration of fashion, animals, and the planet.

Don’t miss out on this transformative evening that merges style and empathy. Secure your early bird tickets now and join us at The Vegan Fashion Show, where your presence fosters positive change.

Limited early bird tickets: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/the-vegan-fashion-show-2023-tickets-707329711207

Website: https://www/theveganfashionshow.org

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