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Top reasons to begin planning your winter getaway in the summer months


Planning your winter getaway during the summer months will allow you to land on top resorts and packages before they get fully-booked. Another bonus is that numerous destinations offer incentives for early reservations.

It is never too late to start planning your winter getaway during the summer months. There will be more recommendations on the best spots for your holiday plans. You can guarantee that your winter trip becomes a more memorable and enjoyable experience.

Take a look at why you should plan carefully for your winter getaway.

Lower Prices

Among the main benefits of pre-planning a holiday is avoiding the rush and getting the best deals. Travel agencies, airlines, and accommodations tend to offer early bird discounts and promos to attract travellers.

Your trip will be smooth if you plan early. Since you can save money on your travel expenses, you can use it for enjoyable activities during your holiday instead.

Less crowded

Few people prefer winter trips because there are no waiting lines at the airport, restaurants, and outdoor activities. You’ll not experience these because the more you book early, the better.

You can have a peaceful winter time-off if you pick a remote but mesmerizing location accommodation. That way, you will avoid the influx of tourists. It is possible to arrive at your planned routes on time. There will be no delays whatsoever.

Accommodations and Choices

It is quite understandable that the demand for holiday rentals and hotel rooms will increase as the winter approaches. Many flights and accommodations are available and there are various travel options to choose from. You can ask for a travel agent to secure your preferred dates and accommodations. Early planning can expand your chances of making your dream holiday into a reality.

Adjustable Itinerary

Planning for a trip for months or weeks of days allows you to create a perfect itinerary. You can choose travel dates that are according to your schedule. Add to that, you can make adjustments if there are changes in your plans.

You can go skiing or snowboarding or indulge in any kind of winter sport that you can find in locations you plan to visit. Always create a travel plan that suits your preference.

Quality Time

A winter getaway in Canada is a good choice if you want to spend quality time with family or friends. Travel and play are exciting ways to grow your relationships with loved ones. If you desire to stay indoors at some point, you can stay cosy inside your room and browse the best no account casinos in Canada.

Order comfort food via room service so as not to miss the excitement. Also, you can take a stroll in the city and spend the day exploring local sights. Go shopping for souvenirs with other members of the tour group.

Winter Festivals

One of the places you can visit is Canada where Winter Festivals happen across the nation and in different provinces. There are many destinations to see and activities that you can enjoy.

Two hugely famous Winter Festivals in Canada are Winterlude, which takes place in the nation’s capital – Ottawa, and Carnaval de Québec, held annually in Quebec City. Both take place in February, the optimal time for winter activities in Canada.

The Northern Lights

Another great reason to plan your winter holiday is to visit the country where you can watch the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. You see this natural phenomenon in North America, when multi-coloured curtains of colour that appear to ‘dance’ across the sky.

When you visit Canada, the best place to see Aurora Borealis is in Northwest Territories, where they are said to be visible over 240 nights per year. But in most other provinces the Northern Lights can be seen at certain times and in certain places if you are away from light pollution. For Ontario check out this list of optimal viewing locations.

The Famous Winter Sport

If you are a hockey fanatic, you can plan a trip to the USA and Canada and spend your winter holiday watching this famous winter sport. The National Hockey League runs in the months of October until April.

When visiting one of Canada’s major cities during winter, you can choose to spend the afternoon or evening witnessing this fast-paced game. Canada has NHL teams in Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, Montreal, Calgary, Winnipeg and Ottawa.


Planning for a winter holiday during summer gives you several benefits. It can minimize stress and panic. Deciding until the last minute can give you limited availability and higher prices on accommodations and activities. Also, you will have enough time to gather information and make arrangements for your trip.

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