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What is the cryptographic primitive and its role in blockchain?


Blockchain and backbone both have their initial letter the same. This is a mere coincidence that the meaning of both terms is also the same. Whereas the backbone helps in keeping the posture straight and helps the individual to survive blockchain helps in the successful strengthening of the entire crypto structure. Blockchain acts like a principal entity in the field of cryptocurrencies. Thus, there is a dire need to strengthen this root as the root needs to be strengthened before erecting the sensitive structure. One such entity that helps in the strengthening of blockchain is none other than cryptographic primitives. So, if you are planning to trade Bitcoin, you must choose the best trading platform like bitindexai.top.

The role of cryptographic primitives is essential in the life span of blockchain and in this article, we are going to discuss the meaning of these primitives and their role in the decentralized crypto chain. So, let us start the journey!

About Cryptographic primitives

The working of cryptocurrencies is completely decentralized and there are no upper authorities that support its working and are completely independent. Being exposed to the digital platform, blockchain is susceptible to various interferences from outer agencies like spammers and scammers. Thus, proper security is required to safeguard blockchain. The role of cryptographic primitives is essential in building such protocols related to the working of blockchain that can secure the entire blockchain network. These are considered low-level algorithms that are used to build other algorithms of higher level. If crypto is considered an ecosystem, these will be the building blocks of this cryptosystem. In short, programmers use these primitives to develop new cryptographic algorithms.

Importance of cryptographic primitives

These are considered building blocks of protocols related to crypto security. Thus, these are an integral part of the crypto chain.

  • Securing the chain- cryptography is essential while dealing with the decentralized network. These primitives are helpful while setting a secure algorithm for the same.
  • Encrypting and decrypting information- Encryption, and decryption of data is an essential part of the crypto chain. Primitives help to develop algorithms that can perform dual work.
  • Establishing validity-  The role of digital signatures is fully backed-up by these primitives. These public keys can be used to validate messages and sensitive information.
  • Specific nature- The role of cryptographic primitives is no more general but specific. These are designed for a particular task and thus are very specific.

Types of cryptographic primitives

  • One-way hash functions- In this type of mathematical function the binary data is fixed and the length of data to be encrypted is variable. When the process is given a green signal by converting input to the ultimate binary sequence, there is no chance of reverting. Other names for this type of function are fingerprint or compression functions. The variation in data about input can change the entire output of the function.
  • Symmetric key function- Also known by the name of symmetric encryption. The encrypted message is converted to cipher text which can be read but has no meaning without decrypting the same. Thus function in the same way as a lock will.  
  • Asymmetric key cryptography- This is also referred to as public key cryptography and has the combination of private and public keys. Whereas the public key encrypts or locks the data, the private key does the opposite. Thus, it is used to unlock the data. The receiver has the private key and the sender acquires the public key.
  • Randomized algorithms- The randomized algorithms for producing several cipher texts can be developed using this. The ciphertext is secure as compared to any random text and it is almost impossible for hackers to decrypt the same.   

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