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15 Budget Places for the Student-Traveller


Sometimes college students usually don’t have enough money, and because of academic work, they usually don’t have time. But if you’ve been looking for something to do after spring or summer break for a long time, planning a vacation is a great idea. And to make sure you don’t have any problems with your studies, and your grades will stay in order in spite of your travels, you can turn to a professional paper writing service WritingAPaper. Vacation travel is one of the best ways to relieve the stress of studying, and luckily for college students around the world, there are some amazing cheap vacations you can visit on a tight budget.

Travelling allows you to have new experiences, to consider a different perspective and view of life and your environment. You learn more about different cultures, many people and different kinds of food, which is so important these days as we live in a global environment.

Unfortunately, lack of time, especially for students, often prevents you from learning about the world around you, however helpful reddit reviews can explain to you how to reduce your homework time.

Nevertheless, there are inexpensive hotels such as hostels and campgrounds around the world, good exchange courses, and cheap delicious food that you could visit to save your money. Read on to learn about cheap vacations for college students.

If you’re looking for the greatest and cheapest locations to travel and explore while you’re in college, look no further. These places from around the world are perfect for college students to visit without breaking the bank. 

Here’s a list of 15 cheap vacations for college students:

  • Ecuador
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Arenal, Costa Rica
  • Bolivia
  • Panama City, Florida
  • Albania
  • Niagara Falls, New York \ Canada
  • Cambodia
  • New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • Latvia
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • India
Ecuador, Photo by Mauricio Muñoz on Unsplash

1. Ecuador

Ecuador may not be every traveller’s first choice when planning a South American adventure, but it is one of the reasons why it is an economical trip for college students. This country has some great beaches, attractions, and is a great place to work on those Spanish language skills you’ve been working on in class.

Crime targeting tourists has decreased dramatically, and as long as you’re smart to travel, you shouldn’t run into security problems. Of course, one of the biggest draws here is the Galapagos Islands, which are worth a visit if you can get them off during your trip.

2. San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is easy to travel for American students because flights are usually not too long and costly, and you don’t even need a visa passport since it’s U.S. territory. There are many student hostels in San Juan that cost as little as $15 a night.

You’ll meet other students and tourists from all over the world and enjoy a fun party with local rum-infused mojitos. Be sure to walk to La Plaza del Mercado in Santurce, an area with many authentic restaurants and bars frequented by locals. It’s a great place to sample Puerto Rican food, people-watch, and find happy hour specials on drinks.

3. Arenal, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of several great destinations in Central America for college students because of the prices and opportunities for adventure. You can find some really affordable hostels here, and some even serve free breakfast every morning. Airfare from the U.S. was pretty cheap, and the exchange rate makes this trip very worthwhile.

This is a touristy area, so spend some time getting to know the local businesses so you can spot the tourist traps and avoid them. You can find local eateries called “carbonated drinks” that offer authentic Costa Rican food at a low price.

Visit local grocery stores in the area where you are staying to stock up on Costa Rican beer to save money at the bars. This is one inexpensive trip for college students.

Bolivia, Photo by Snowscat on Unsplash

4. Bolivia

Despite Bolivia’s growing popularity among travellers, it is still one of the cheapest vacations for students. Depending on where you’re coming from, a plane ticket may set you back, but once you arrive, you’ll find that you can afford a lot on a tight budget. Transportation, food, alcohol, and lodging can be provided for about $20 a day if you are frugal and plan your trip in advance.

5. Panama City, Florida

Florida has always been a favorite spring holiday destination for students, but why not come here in the off-season when prices are lower and there are fewer people? Consider visiting Panama City in the fall, say in Autumn.

The temperature is warm, the sun is bright, the beaches are less annoying, and airfare and hotel prices are very reasonable. Take a look at properties for beach vacation rentals in the off-season, because sometimes you can find nightly deals for as little as $50 a night and be only a few steps from the sand.

6. Albania

It’s no secret that travelling to Europe tends to be expensive, but Albania is an exception to this rule. The cost of living in Albania is much more affordable than elsewhere in Europe, which also helps travelers on a tight budget.

This beautiful Mediterranean country has some amazing beaches to visit if you’re looking for sun and relaxation, and the traditional food here is delicious.

7. Niagara Falls, New York / Canada

If you’re looking for the stunning natural beauty that’s not too far from home, consider a trip to Niagara Falls, which is located on the border between New York and Ontario. There are plenty of inexpensive hotels in the Buffalo area, and an abundant number of accommodation choices on the Canadian side (using Canadian dollars) especially if you’re not travelling during the summer tourist season. The Canadian side offers fun nightlife, amusements and a spectacular view of the horseshoe falls.

8. Cambodia

Despite the popularity of countries like Thailand and Vietnam, Asia is still considered one of the inexpensive trips for college students. And what’s one of the best Asian countries for students on a tight budget? That would be Cambodia. This charming country offers its visitors hotels at much lower prices than elsewhere in the world.

Food and transportation costs are also low here, as well as entrance fees to places like Angkor Wat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Even better is the fact that many of the most beloved places in Cambodia are completely free, as in the case of Monkey Island, which is said to have served as the inspiration for the story of King Kong.

9. New Orleans, Louisiana

Even if it’s not Mardi Gras, New Year’s Eve, or Halloween, New Orleans is a great place to party any time of year. It’s an incredibly unique place in the U.S., full of fascinating history, intriguing culture, delicious food, and an ever-lively nightlife that encourages cocktail takeout cups.

In fact, there are several hostels in and near the French Quarter that offer very reasonable rates for students. Hotels in New Orleans can be quite expensive, so research these hostel options ahead of time so they don’t get booked. Take the streetcar or just walk instead of driving and paying high parking fees.

10. Indonesia

Indonesia-and especially its island of Bali-is currently one of the most popular and cheapest vacation destinations for college students, and for good reason: It’s cheap! From lush rainforests to perfect beaches, Indonesia is a great place for adventurers but on a tight budget. If you choose to visit Bali, Sumatra or one of Indonesia’s other islands (there are more than 1,000!), you’re sure to find

  • clean facilities
  • Activities such as snorkeling and yoga on the beach
  • tasty delicacies that will not cost you more than a few dollars.
Thailand, photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

11. Thailand

Thailand is consistently popular with student travellers because of its long list of attractive destinations. It’s a great place to travel in the winter to bask in the warmth and sun, and there are plenty of opportunities for adventure sports with guides who offer kayaking, rafting and other outdoor excursions.

To save money while travelling in Thailand, consider hostels with shared rooms and bathrooms.

12. Latvia

The European Union recently chose Latvia as the European Capital of Culture. This highlighted in many ways this beautiful, understated, and totally economical country. Latvia’s capital, Riga, is ideal for students on a tight budget to visit.

One of the best features of the city is the architecture, and getting to know these UNESCO World Heritage sites is as easy as joining a free or cheap walking tour. Admission to Riga Cathedral and St. Peter’s Church, which dates back to the Middle Ages, is also free.

Food, transportation, and lodging options are plentiful and very inexpensive compared to many other European countries.

13. Portugal

Have you ever wanted to visit Europe without the insanely high prices? Then go to Portugal! Tourists often overlook this beautiful country, but that’s a mistake.

The capital Lisbon is a great place to visit historical and cultural attractions, and the coastal towns of the Algarve are perfect for relaxing on the beach.

And since the overall cost of living in Portugal is 30% lower than the rest of Western Europe, living, dining, and transportation costs are also significantly lower. Mandatory activities include:

  • hiking
  • beach vacation
  • visiting castles
  • tasting fresh seafood in cafes.

14. Romania

College students who travel all over Eastern Europe will love everything Romania has to offer. Daily survival in this budget-friendly country can often mean $40 a day for lunches, clean rooms and public transportation. Romania’s best offerings – its historic architecture, welcoming charm and interesting culture – are all free.

India, Photo by Raghu Nayyar on Unsplash

15. India

As the travel industry in India improves, so do budget options. Travellers can tour all over India on a budget of just $50 a day. This includes affordable but safe and healthy food, lodging, transportation, and entertainment (by the way, India is the birthplace of yoga, it is very common there and it is not expensive to attend). While it may cost a lot of money to fly from the U.S. to India, flying across India can be affordable enough to see everything from the beaches of Goa to bustling Mumbai.

Important Thoughts

  • Things tend to be cheaper when you travel as a group.
  • Consider different modes of transportation – weighing their cost, travel time, and reliability.
  • Prioritize things and places you want to see – you can’t do it all (unfortunately).
  • Always have comfortable walking shoes with you.


The vacations are already pretty good. Before you go on vacation as a college student, you should check your budget and probably choose cheap college student vacations.

lead photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

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