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2021 – What to expect from the casino industry with the COVID-19 situation?


2020 will remain in history books as a year that disrupted the normal way of living. Many individuals existing today have never seen or faced a pandemic that forced schools, leisure venues, and borders to be closed. Aside from all the negative effects caused by Covid 19, the pandemic has given birth to a few winners.

And these winners are those individuals that adapted speedily and took their business activities online. The casino industry is one of the biggest winners during the Covid 19 situation. Experts from different parts of the universe are forecasting that the effects on the economy mightn’t fade away in the near future.

The big query is, will the casino industry remain the same? Below are some of the changes and trends that are expected to dominate the casino industry in 2021. So read on to discover more about the trends in this lucrative industry before you can visit some of the gambling sites that have been the favourites for most visitors at smartcasinoguide.

Augmented and virtual reality will be utilized more

Both augmented and virtual reality have been in use for some years. But they’re still new concepts in the world of online casinos. These two technologies make live casinos more realistic, improving overall player satisfaction. Augmented reality allows players to walk through virtual casinos, and they can see other individuals’ avatars, who can be walking around gambling venues or sitting at virtual machines.

2021 will be the year to expect many players to shift towards live casino games. This trend has already started, and it is expected to continue next year. With virtual reality and augmented technologies enhancing the overall experience of live casino games, many players who shifted from brick-and-mortar casinos will still enjoy the real gambling environment in online platforms.

Increase in Esports at Online Casinos

Many individuals turned to virtual sports after live events were postponed, and others cancelled. Also, aside from virtual sports, a league of experienced video players is currently on the rise. This gaming sector started as a way of passing free time, where people could meet and compete for fun. Sportsbooks then noticed an opportunity in this type of gaming and started to offer betting services on them.

This gaming niche has not been popular among gamblers until 2020 when Covid 19 forced the shutdown of live events and land-based casinos. Currently, players from all parts of the world are placing wagers and taking advantage of eSports. Sportsbooks should improve their eSports sections since more and more players will continue to invest in this type of gambling in 2021.

Final Thoughts

These are the two main trends to expect in 2021. However, there are plenty of other things that will make the entire casino industry a better place for players. As a player, you should expect technological, structural, and social changes which are aimed at making your overall gaming experience better. Online casinos that aren’t ready to make changes and embrace the trends are likely not to thrive in this industry come 2021.

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