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6 Tips on running a successful hair salon business


As a modern hairdresser, if you want to do a good hairdressing, you need a series of comprehensive abilities to measure, and technology is not the only standard for doing a good hairdressing. As the saying goes: three points of technology, seven points of eloquence. This sentence has a certain truth, so opening a barber shop needs to pay attention to comprehensive ability.

The five elements that a good hair salon should have:

  • Obtain the Good technology:
  • Provide Good service:
  • Talk Good language:
  • Express Good idea
  • Keep Positive mind
  • Use Right Decoration

1. Good technology:

Technology is the most basic condition for hairdressers, and it is also the most basic survival. But the most important thing is to have a solid foundation. The foundation is the source of creation, and only a solid foundation can create a beautiful and rich hairstyle. As a qualified hairdresser, we must do every technical detail well, and we must do our best in washing, cutting, blowing, ironing, dyeing, styling, and evening wear in the hair salon. Hairdressers must develop in a balanced way, and cannot be biased towards a single item, which will hinder the growth and development of technology.

With a good hair cutting skills, perm skills should also be excellent. Because perm technology is another standard for hairdressers to improve design aesthetics. Fashionable and beautiful curly hair will increase the charm and temperament of women and become a new highlight.

Hair dyeing technology may seem simple, but hair dyeing requires the highest professional knowledge. From the basis of color, to color matching and hedging, until the final three-dimensional fashion color sets off the flattering and dynamic of the hairstyle.

Styling is the last link of the hairstyle, which requires the hairdresser to have a high aesthetic standard and the coordination ability of the overall combination. This is also the key to beautifying hairstyles.

Therefore, the first step in doing a good hairdressing is to have excellent technology.

2. Good service:

Whether you are opening a mall kiosk for barber store or start a hair salon store, you should focus on proving the best service.

Since hairdressing belongs to the service industry, good service is the key to business transactions. Through high-quality service, we can shorten the distance between each other and make customers feel intimacy. Only then will customers be willing to accept your service and you will have the opportunity to showcase your technology.

If your service is not good, how can customers trust you! If your service is good, but the technical aspects are slightly insufficient, the customer will forgive you and maybe give you one more chance because your service is in place.

The service needs to come from the heart, is the need for natural emotional expression. We need sincere giving to make someone truly feel that you are serving her. Not to deal with errands, not to perfunctory, not to agree, but to take action to move customers.

3. Good language:

Good technology can retain customers, and good language can improve performance. In other words, no matter how good your technology is, if your language is not in place, your performance will not be able to improve, and you will not be able to retain customers. Clever and dynamic language, just the right vocabulary, and natural and appropriate praise will make customers feel trust in you.

Language is a kind of charm, a kind of outward manifestation of a person’s knowledge and cultivation. Professional language requires professional study, repeated practice, long-term application and summary in order to form its own language habits and charm. The professional language can be divided into service etiquette terms, professional knowledge terms, professional and technical terms, project sales terms and so on.

Therefore, by practicing first-class vocabulary, you can better reflect your own value and serve customers better.

4. Good idea

In addition to the noble pursuit and professional needs, the purpose of being a hairdresser is to create wealth for yourself through your own technology and services. Only in this way can it truly reflect its own value. As a hairdresser, if you only work hard, even if you have superb skills, it is only the behavior of a craftsman.

The concept is reflected in whether the hairstyle you make is commercialized, that is, whether it has a selling point, whether the customer can accept it, and whether the hairstyle can be promoted. When a designer designs hairstyles for customers, in addition to meeting the basic needs of customers, it is more important that your work can create value and wealth for yourself. This is the key.

A good concept is not only manifested in the manifestation of value, but also in the mind. To be innovative in hairstyles, we must start from the needs of customers. Every customer who comes to consume is eager to get a distinctive hairstyle, but it should not be too exaggerated and exaggerated, and it should be simple and easy to take care of. Therefore, commercialized hairstyles are the focus of hairdressers’ thinking and development.

5. Positive mind:

As a service provider, mentality is very important. With a good attitude, we can better reflect the service characteristics and technical standards. First of all, hairdressers must know who they are doing and who are they serving? Establishing a good service mentality can improve the quality of service. With a good mentality, the concept will naturally improve, and the good technical quality of the mentality adjustment will naturally improve in an all-round way.

To learn to work happily, to live a happy life, with a broad mind, everything will be resolved naturally.

A humble attitude is also the key to success in dealing with things, to know how to respect others. Good at using the help of others to complete their own plans, so as to achieve goals. In a collective, the strength of the team cannot be underestimated. When you help others, you are actually helping yourself.

6. Right Decoration

Choose the right display fixtures and decoration style is also essential for a hair salon. You can not decorate your barbershop like a candy store or using very bright color to create a colorful space. Stylish the main theme for a hair salon.

The right furniture is also matter in the hair salon interior decoration. Black and white color reception desk, single sided styling stations, double sided styling stations and wet stations, as well as  modern design fixtures are best for hair salon.

After you got the 6 points, then you can find a place to start your business. You also need a professional design team and help you design the whole shop. Only a good 3d design, will have a good barber shop decoration and good shop fixtures.

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