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7 methods on how to choose the right furnace for your home


Finding the right furnace for your home can prove to be quite difficult. With all the options, making the right choice can take a long time. However, there are 7 methods that you can consider to choose the right furnace for your home. Smile HVAC Repair Services in Toronto helped us to collect the useful information about 7 methods. They are as follow:

1.  Getting the Right Furnace Size

When it comes to choosing the right furnace size, the key is to find the right size so that you can have enough heat in your house. For example, if you get a furnace that is too small, it will not prove to be effective in heating your house properly. Meanwhile, if you get a furnace that is too big for your house, it will overheat your living space and that won’t be good either. Moreover, you will also be wasting money and fuel on generating heat that you do not need.

To identify the proper size, you need to match the heat output with your house size. It is important to keep in mind that the size of your house is not just square footage. You need to consider other factors as well such as the ceiling height, number of windows, and insulation.

2.  Enhancing Energy Efficiency

When you are looking for the right furnace size, one of the key metrics to consider is the AFUE of the furnace. Typically, a high AFUE number determines and indicates higher energy efficiency. it implies that you will be capable of lowering your monthly heating bills. The only caveat is that you must ensure that your air duct system is working properly and your house is insulated well. Otherwise, you will be spending a lot of money and wasting heat.

For optimal efficiency, a programmable thermostat should be installed as well. It will play quite an important role in saving money and energy by reducing the amount of work that your furnace performs. Additionally, it will lower the temperature when no one is at home.

3.  Two-Stage Furnace vs. Single Stage Furnace

You will have to choose between a two-stage or a single-stage unit when looking for a furnace for your home. The latter one delivers the same temperature heat every single time it operates while the former one has two settings for the heat output. You should determine which type of unit you need.

4.  Selecting the Fuel Source Wisely

In general, there are electric, oil, or gas-powered furnaces available in the market. It is quite important to note that gas-powered furnaces are the most popular as gas is readily available. It is also considered cleaner than oil and most economical. Furthermore, it is approximately 30 percent cheaper to use a gas-powered furnace than an oil-powered furnace. If your area does not have gas available, you should consider a furnace that is powered by oil. Although electric furnaces are more affordable in terms of purchase and installation, they normally cost you a lot more to function and operate.

5.  Essential Features

Now, if you want your purchased furnace to work effectively for a long time, the following are some of the key features that it must have.

· Long Warranty: In general, if you purchase an expensive and more efficient model, you will get the security of a more comprehensive and longer warranty than a furnace that is more economical. Thus, it is important to determine if your furnace has a long warranty or not.

· Sealed Combustion: This feature helps in protecting your home from carbon monoxide and it is also more efficient in terms of energy.

· Two-Stage Valves: These valves are responsible for controlling the flow of fuel. When the furnace is turned on, it will run high and then on lower fuel for maintaining the needed temperature.

6.  High-End Filter

If we talk about it, it is no secret that dust particles are emitted by the furnace into the atmosphere which can adversely influence the air quality of your home. For instance, if someone in your family has allergies or asthma, it is better to fit your furnace with a high-end filter. This filter will make the use of electronic charge for helping in trapping dust particles and making the air cleaner than before. You should check if the furnace has this filter or not. It is wise to choose a furnace that is equipped with this filter.

7.  Analysing the Area

When it comes to choosing the right furnace for your home, it is important to analyze the environment in which you are living. For instance, if you are living in an area where winters are long and cold, you can just consider a modulating gas furnace. Although these models are more expensive than your conventional gas furnaces, you can change or adjust the heating output precisely.

Furnace Types

The most common types of furnaces include propane, electric, oil, and natural gas furnaces. Electric furnaces are capable of heating the air by emitting or exposing heated elements while other kinds of furnaces need a chamber or a heat exchanger that warms the air.

· Natural gas furnaces are considered the most common and economical ones. For instance, new gas furnaces can be up to approximately 98 percent efficient.

· In comparison with natural gas furnaces, oil furnaces are less efficient. However, their upfront cost is quite low. For instance, natural gas furnaces cost up to 25 percent more than oil furnaces.

· When it comes to electric furnaces, they are considered the cheapest. You might even get an electric furnace half the cost of a normal gas furnace. They are easier to install as well and can last up to ten years. However, the cost of electricity is far higher than gas.

· Furnaces running on propane can be used when oil and gas are not readily available. Still, it is better to use gas-powered furnaces.

Overall, these are some aspects that you need to consider when it comes to choosing the right furnace for your home. Having the right furnace is essential, especially in countries where winters are long and brutal like Canada.

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