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7 Tips to Follow When Betting on Esports


Esports blurs the lines between gaming, competitive sports and enthralling entertainment spectacles. Now a multi-billion dollar industry across all titles and consoles, fans across the globe both online and in their packed-out venues are flocking to events and tournaments to witness their favourite teams and players showcasing their skills in the server. Because of this popularity, betting on Esports has become a new way for fans to take their passion to the next level. For those looking to make their first forays into this community, check out some of the best Esports betting tips here

Stay In Your Lane

One of the most common misconceptions around betting on Esports is the idea that you can go from wagering on Dota 2’s International to Rocket League’s RLCS. Just like how you will never find a ‘sports betting’ expert who claims to know the ins and outs of every major sport in the book, the Esports industry is a diverse collection of titles, all of which have their distinct communities and betting opportunities. Select a handful of games and stick to betting on them – informed and successful wagering is often a case of ‘quality over quantity’ where knowing everything about one game is worth so much more than a surface-level understanding of six or seven.

Play The Games

The best way of learning about something is by experiencing it firsthand, and that is completely the case for understanding the intricacies involved with Esports. Most major Esport titles such as League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or Fortnite are all completely free-to-play, meaning there’s no excuse for not knowing how these games work. By gaining a firsthand understanding of the mechanics and features at work, you will find your wagering becomes so much more informed than it was before.

Watch The Games

As well as being completely free to play, the vast majority of Esports titles are available to watch without any fees. Not only is this a huge plus point over traditional sports for fans, but it also allows bettors to follow their wagers exactly as they happen. Watching Esports events with money riding on the outcomes not only provides a pulsating experience but watching these tournaments live also opens the door for more informed live betting options. By seeing the action unfolding in the server, savvy bettors can identify trends before others, getting ahead of the curve with a bookmaker and reaping the benefits of more generous odds.

Join The Conversation

The Esports world is naturally a digital one where everything from the latest patch notes to the biggest upcoming tournaments is discussed and dissected across the Internet. Joining these communities will not only help broaden your knowledge of the casual and competitive aspects of your chosen titles but may also unlock insider picks for your next betting slip. There are plenty of communities on online forums such as Reddit solely dedicated to discussing the latest Esports betting markets, often sharing their picks for anyone to make use of.

Combine Bets

Even a one-sided match can bring with it the possibility of some big returns. Like with real-world sports betting, fans often have the opportunity to do much more than placing one bet on one match at a time. Tournaments like CS:GO’s IEM Katowice often have multiple games going on at any one time, so creating a parlay built around all three results going in your favour is a great way of ramping up the odds and securing bigger profits. There are also a host of special markets focused on each Esport that allows bettors to flex their knowledge and raise their odds even further. These can range from something as simple as the most amount of kills to more game-specific occurrences, but all of them help amplify simple outrights into lucrative betting slips. The risks may be higher, but the returns are often so much sweeter.

Do Your Research

Any bettor will tell you that going into a bet blind is a surefire way of ensuring you lose your money. Again, the Esports world has a wealth of free and accessible platforms designed to help fans understand all there is to know about a game, event, player or team. Sites like Liquipedia now come with head-to-head records, individual statistics and event formats to specific game records that a bettor can take advantage of such as map bias and round win percentages in FPS titles such as Overwatch, Valorant or CS:GO.

Keep It Responsible

Finally, as with anything to do with betting, the most vital tip we can offer is to always ensure you are keeping your wagering strictly for fun. Make sure you are wagering with a bookmaker that is fully licensed and regulated by checking out their scores on platforms like Trustpilot, look for the lock screen in the URL bar to be sure they are fully secure, and test the waters by seeing if they are a respected provider with the Esports community online. Once you are staking, make sure you are practising sensible bank management by never betting more than you can afford to lose, and always reaching out for help if you ever feel your gambling is becoming a problem.

If you gamble, please gamble responsibly.

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