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8 Exceptional Reasons to Choose an Inflatable Kayak or Boat


Outdoor adventures are waiting. What’s holding you back? You could be spending the weekend floating on the lake or creating memories with your grandchildren about the giant fish that got away. Studies have shown that being out on the water on a boat can improve psychological and physiological health and wellness and increase creativity. Traditional or rigid boats and kayaks have often been a problem even for those who use them regularly. Boats require trailers to transport them, and then you need a place to park them. Kayaks overall are a smaller option. However, you’re still looking at a considerable amount of storage space and usually some kind of mount to carry it on a car or SUV. The advances and improvements to inflatable kayaks and boats have made them an outstanding alternative.

Space Saving Inflatable Kayaks and Boats

The number one reason people pick an inflatable vs. a rigid safe watercraft is usually the amount of space they can save. Take, for instance, someone living in a small apartment. A 10-foot plus kayak doesn’t exactly make a suitable replacement for a couch, and it’s not doing the décor any good either. An inflatable can be easily stored under a bed or in a closet. Anglers who live under a homeowner’s association may also opt for an inflatable boat, as HOA’s often ban recreational vehicle parking.

Inflatable boats and Kayaks take up very little room when not in use and still provide all the same benefits as their rigid counterparts. Larger inflatable boats are often motorized and have up to a 30hp outboard motor. For most outdoor adventures, there is plenty of power, from tooling around the lake to serious fishing.

Explore New and Exciting Areas with an Inflatable Kayak

Some stunning lakes aren’t accessible by anything other than foot. An inflatable kayak can be stashed in a hiking bag and taken for an experience that otherwise would be out of reach. They are lighter than hard-shell versions and can be inflated right in the water. You can paddle your way across lakes in the high country that would have previously been out of reach.

Affordable Outdoor Adventures with Inflatable Boats

Hard hulls or rigid boats are expensive. Depending on what you’re looking for, they can run anywhere from 3,000 to upwards of 30,000. It’s kept the boating community a little bit exclusive for years. However, the quality of inflatable boats has gone up significantly, and the prices have come down. A larger inflatable boat is just over $2000, while the smaller paddle versions cost under $500.

Kayaks generally range from about $900 to around $1250, making them an affordable way to get started. Inflatable Kayaks are also available in both single and double capacity. The inflatability means that if you and a group of friends all want to start kayaking, you can still all go in one vehicle without a trailer to haul the kayaks.

Inflatable Kayaks and Boats are More Comfortable

Sure, you can put some padding in a hard-shell kayak or use a seat pad on a boat. Still, overall, they are hard surfaces that can become really uncomfortable after a few hours. On the other hand, inflatable kayaks and crafts are made of PVC and filled with air. These vessels don’t have the same rigid, unforgiving surfaces and are just more comfortable overall. This is especially important for those who plan to spend a significant amount of time on the water.

Inflatable Boats and Kayaks are Beginner Friendly

The extra buoyancy provided by the inflation makes inflatable kayaks and boats more stable. This can be a great bonus for those just starting out kayaking. Kayaking is a sport that has a learning curve, but the inflatable kayak makes that curve not quite so sharp. The inflatable tube around the outside of the boat or kayak means that they are more balanced. The extra steadiness makes them more accessible for beginners to learn. An inflatable Kayak is a fantastic place to start.

Economical and Environmentally Friendly

Almost everyone who enjoys nature and the activities you can find in the great outdoors wants to do all they can to protect that environment. In some areas, a motorized boat is needed; however, choosing one of the larger inflatable options means getting better miles per gallon and reducing your carbon footprint. Inflatable boats are significantly lighter than even an aluminum fishing boat. This lightweight design translates into using less fuel.

With the ever-increasing gas prices these days, an inflatable boat will help your pocketbook and the environment without sacrificing your weekend fishing at the lake.

A World of Choices

Inflatable boats come in all types and sizes. They have different capacities, and there is really something for everyone. If you want to paddle your way out onto the lake to read a book on the water, a smaller rowing boat is perfect. For those that want more, there are multiple capacity and size options. Larger boats can hold up to six people comfortably and are an excellent choice for those who want to take the family out on the lake or go swimming with friends. Even inflatable kayaks have options for up to two people. These bigger kayaks have a weight capacity of over 800 lbs.You can take your hiking gear along without worrying about the weight.

Advanced Designs

Newer inflatable boats use high-quality sourced PVC to ensure they have the durability needed to stand up to the test of time and use. Most boats and kayaks come with at least a two-year limited warranty.

On the off chance that something does happen, they are also much easier to fix than the standard boat or kayak. Instead of becoming an expert in fibreglass or metal patch-work, inflatable boats and kayaks can be repaired with easy-to-understand and use kits.

Overall, if you’re an avid outdoors enthusiast or just taking your first exploration into boating, inflatable kayaks and boats are a sustainable and affordable choice. They are lighter, more storage, and environmentally friendly and still have the same great benefits as traditional options.

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