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Casino and luxury – The history of casino design


There is something so luxuriating about walking into a casino. You are greeted by the sweet aroma of excitement and glittering lights that promise you a slice of heaven when you play the cards right. However, casino designs have evolved a lot in the last few decades. Super casinos of today hadn’t even been imagined in earlier days.

On the other hand, with architectural elements removed, online casinos have to work twice as hard to keep the players entertained. Online casinos do not have much gold on the walls and champagne, but fancy avatars, rewards, and online casino bonuses are certainly there. A casino bonus is simply a token of appreciation from the iGaming operator, you may get it as soon as you sign up, after your deposit, or even randomly.

In Canada, people just love bonuses. Some of the popular bonuses available at online casinos in Canada are:

Welcome Bonus: Almost all online casinos in Canada and all over the world offer welcome bonuses to new players. In Canada, you are most likely to find a 100% match bonus on your first deposit, with many operators offering even more than one welcome bonus. You get a welcome bonus for a no deposit, which means you are not risking anything when you get a welcome bonus.

Deposit Bonus: It is just the opposite of welcome bonus. You deposit the minimum real money to get a deposit bonus.

Free Spins: You can also get free spins at online casinos as a bonus, like “Get 50 free spins the moment you sign up, no questions asked”,”100% match up to C$500, and 200 free spins on the Book of Dead”, and “Get up to 100 free spins on your first deposit on Sundays”.

Cashback: Two types of cashback bonuses are offered. You can get cash back against your losses, like if you lose a specified amount within a specified period, the operator may return you up to 20% of your losses. The other type of cashback bonus is credited against your deposit. You need to become eligible for this bonus by depositing a specified amount within a given time.

VIP/Loyalty Bonus: The bonuses are reserved for VIP players and loyal players. These are designed to reward players who spend the most in real money. In some cases, players are automatically enrolled in the VIP program or loyalty program based on their wagering. The more you wager, the more points you accumulate, and the higher your rank. You can also get deposit match bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and free spins.

What are the most played online casino games?

Two major schools of thought in casino designs

There have historically been two major schools of thought when it comes to casino designs – Bill Friedman for the classic casino designs, and Roger Thomas, the man who redesigned Las Vegas. Classic casinos have a labyrinthine design to disorient players and provide you with winding and enticing gaming opportunities. Intimate settings with low ceilings and plenty of seating, luxurious restrooms with big mirrors, and segregated rooms that encourage you for more exploration. Passageways are colour-coded in a way that leads the players directly to machines, rather than providing an easy exit, and the machines themselves are a décor. No space is wasted, you would want to gamble as soon as you enter, with gambling activity available straightway.

Roger Thomas-themed casinos are designed to excite all your senses. These are famed for their bright lights and slot noises of pennies dropping. As soon as you are through the departure lounge, you’re invited to relax, and spend! Thomas’s casinos have plenty of opportunities for you to take a breather and revitalize the spirit. Instead of windowless, boxy rooms, Thomas’s casinos have bright, open spaces, high ceilings adorned with beautiful flowing fabrics, and European-style furnishings to decorate the gaming halls. Check-in and security zones are stress-free and fast-paced, duty-free and restaurants are convenient for you to breathe a sigh of relief in the airy spaces.

Location to cut you off from the rest of the world

The brick-and-mortar casinos are usually located away from the city. The gamblers have to get ready and commute to the casino location that separates them from the world and makes them forget about the rest of the world. They create a perfect escapade where the gamblers would like to stay longer. Easy-to-navigate spaces in Thomas’s casinos invite players into a relaxed environment with clear lines of vision instead of narrow walkways, so they would be more inclined to stay, and place riskier bets.

Designed for you to spend more

Casinos are cleverly designed to ensure that you spend as much time possible there. Of course, you love free drinks and awesome comps, there is much more to it. These tricks are used to keep you in the casino for longer and play all night long.

No watches, so no idea of how much time you have spent

Brick-and-mortar casinos have no watches on the walls, so you won’t be reminded of what time it is. They also do not have any windows, so the gamblers can’t see what is happening outside, and are cut off from the outside while gambling.

Inviting colour hues

The traditional brick-and-mortar casinos use inviting colour hues such as warm brown, red, and velvet that send a subtle invitation to the brain to enter the casino and explore it.

Comfortable furniture to facilitate long sittings for gambling

Luxury furniture with fine adornments and designs in casinos is created to give the gamblers an impression of being at a place that only a few people in the world can afford to enter. The furniture is designed to provide the gamblers comfortable sitting posture so that they can sit for longer, and play longer.

People are switching to online gambling due to convenience and more restraint

Many people switch to online casino gambling environment where they feel less pressure to gamble over and over than when sitting at a land-based casino table, and the convenience of playing anytime, and from anywhere. Whilst playing at online casinos, people show more restraint. As online casinos and best online gaming practices develop further, it’ll be interesting to see if online casinos eventually overtake offline casinos.

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