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City confirms residents and staff at all 87 long-term care homes in Toronto have been vaccinated


On Friday, the City of Toronto confirmed that COVID-19 immunization clinics have been held at all 87 long-term care homes in Toronto. The vaccination milestone comes well in advance of the Province of Ontario’s January 21, 2021 deadline to complete the first round of vaccinations in long-term care homes.

More than 10,322 residents and 2,893 staff and essential caregivers have now been vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine on-site in Toronto long-term care homes. In addition, staff and essential caregivers have attended hospital clinics to receive the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

The City directly operates 10 of the 87 long-term care homes in Toronto: Bendale Acres, Carefree Lodge, Castleview Wychwood Towers, Cummer Lodge, Fudger House, Kipling Acres, Lakeshore Lodge, Seven Oaks, True Davidson Acres and Wesburn Manor. Residents in City-run homes began to be vaccinated on December 31, 2020; the first staff doses were administered by University Health Network on December 14. More than 90 per cent of City-operated long-term care home residents have now been vaccinated. Immunization clinics continue in City-operated homes to enable more residents, staff members and essential caregivers to receive the vaccine. Immunization is voluntary.

“I’m proud that by working together with our hospital partners, Toronto Public Health and City staff we’ve been able to vaccinate the majority of residents and essential workers in long-term care homes across Toronto well ahead of the provincial deadline,” said Mayor John Tory. “While overall vaccination policy is the responsibility of the Province, we are working all out at the municipal level to help get as many of the most vulnerable people in our city immunized as quickly as possible. Thank you to everyone who is working to get people vaccinated right now and thanks to everyone who is stepping up to get vaccinated – it’s the right thing to do,” said Tory.

On January 6, the Province requested Toronto Public Health and other regional health units to support the vaccination of all residents, health care workers and essential caregivers in long-term care homes in their respective jurisdiction by January 21. The City and the Immunization Task Force are committed to ensuring the most vulnerable residents of the city are vaccinated in the safest and most efficient means possible, working with the Province and hospital partners to achieve this goal.

The Government of Canada is responsible for obtaining the supply of COVID-19 vaccines; the Province has responsibility for distributing the vaccines and administering them to priority groups established under the Province’s framework; and Toronto is responsible for supporting the administration of the vaccine in accordance with provincial prioritization and scheduling frameworks as vaccines are provided by the Province.

Please review the City’s simple “Dos” and “Don’ts” guide for recommended and mandatory public health measures. The guide communicates what is, and what is not, permitted under the  provincial Lockdown Regulation that remains in effect to help stop the spread of COVID-19: toronto.ca/lockdownguide.

SOURCE City of Toronto

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