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City of Toronto is investigating Thursday’s downtown power outage


TORONTO, August 12, 2022 – The City of Toronto has released a statement regarding yesterday’s power outage that shut the downtown core for several hours yesterday (Thursday, August 11, 2022).

The City says they has been made aware that the power outage in downtown Toronto “may have been caused by a subcontractor to the main contractor for the Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant outfall project.”

The City also says a full investigation has been launched after a barge with a crane came into contact with overhead Hydro One wires. The incident occurred away from the construction sites while the barge was in transit within the Port of Toronto water ways. No injuries were reported.

A full detailed report has been requested by City of Toronto from the main contractor in order to understand what happened and what needs to be done to ensure it never happens again.

Although most of the power has been restored at this point, the City of Toronto continues to support Hydro One to help restore power as soon as possible.

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