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Cryptocurrency and Online Slots in Canada: A Growing Trend


f you thought the United States had a complicated time with online gambling, then you’ve possibly not stumbled upon Canada and its regulations towards things like real online slots. Despite the government’s unclear approach, however, cryptocurrencies and online slot machines are gaining popularity in the country and you can play on the best real online slots games found here.

Canada’s Emerging Provincial Markets

Canada is split into 10 distinct provinces. These all have their government bodies much like the US has its states. The central national government has given the autonomy to each provincial body to decide its laws on online gambling. After all, some of the national laws date back to 1995. In that time, a lot has happened and doesn’t relate to the contemporary online gambling world. A rule of thumb however is the age restriction where in eight of the 10 states you must be 19 years old or over. The only exceptions are Quebec and Alberta where the minimum age is 18. Each of the provinces has a designated board that issues licenses and carries out regulation duties for any operator wanting to conduct business in that area.

Sportsbook Betting Led the Way

Online gambling is available in Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia – providing that you want to bet on sportsbook selections. This type of wager has been slowly introduced to Canadian markets. While it’s had some turbulent times to get to this point, especially in Ontario, online gambling has become more popular with time through sports betting. In fact, in August 2023, the provincial government placed more restrictions on all online gambling as athletes will not be allowed to appear within any kind of online gambling endorsement.

Why are Online Slots Popular in Canada?

It’s reported that over 40 million people are living in Canada. However, the three biggest cities, Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver are the only localities with over 1.3 million people there. Those cities do make up about 25% of the total population but that also means that the remaining three-quarters of the people are placed in smaller towns. While any metropolitan other than those listed above aren’t desolate wastelands, they certainly are not as thriving with activity as the others. Okay, maybe Calgary and Edmonton on a weekend are busy. But the fact is that there’s less to do there. In some places the temperatures go well below freezing so even enjoying the outdoors isn’t an option.

Enter the internet. Despite having isolated themselves from society by living in the middle of nowhere, the connected age has meant that even those living in the sticks can enjoy online communications and entertainment. Online gambling is a simplistic pastime for those who might want to unwind after a hard day at work. Real online slots are particularly useful as they require very little prior knowledge to play. While the information on what exact slot games the Canadian gamblers are is unclear, we can assume that a few are trying their luck on ‘Ice Ice Hockey’ or ‘Break Away Deluxe’, two ice hockey-themed slot games.

Why are Cryptocurrencies Popular in Canada?

To illustrate the popularity or intrigue of cryptocurrencies within Canada, you need to look no further than the Google Search results for this country in 2022. It was reported that searches for Bitcoin exceeded popular terms like NFL, Restaurants Near Me, and Apple. Of course, it didn’t exceed NHL or ice hockey in Canada, don’t be silly.

Cryptocurrency is in a relatively good space for Canadian users right now. The government doesn’t accept it as legal tender but acknowledges its existence and allows it to work within Canadian cyberspace (good luck stopping it if they wanted to). This creates a relatively good opportunity for Canadian crypto users to earn untaxed money as the legislation and regulation aren’t complete as of yet. In the late summer of 2023, it was reported by several coin news outlets that Canada is one of the growing markets for crypto ownership.

However, crypto isn’t a new idea to the fjords of early adopters who call Canada home. After all, the very first Bitcoin ATM in the world was placed in Vancouver, Canada. The central government acted early, back in 2014 to make laws that clearly outlined its stance on cryptocurrencies. This means that Canada has become a revered place for blockchain-based companies to set up as there is little ambiguity in their practises.

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