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Toronto’s Dark Joseph Ravine wonders why sometimes kindness and understanding can be a major struggle


Ravine’s Watch, Out It’s Nolan” is a book about overcoming bullying

Born and raised in Toronto, influencer, author, and Kindness for Success founder Dark Joseph Ravine recently published the title, “Watch Out! It’s Nolan” out now on Amazon. As a child, Ravine faced bullying from other children and even adults. Ravine notes “unfortunately, sometimes there is no trust or kindness because many people are focusing on their own happiness and not the happiness of others.”

Ravine continues, “although I am a proud Canadian and love my country, I unfortunately encounter people who are depressed or jealous of others. Sometimes, I wonder why it’s so hard to be good to each other even when most people are nice. When we try to act kindly to others, they often suspect us of ill intentions. Although, I know they are hurting and don’t trust many people and this is why they do it, my goal is to fight fear and increase kindness and trust in the world.” Ravine shares his hope of trying to make a positive change in the world.

Dark Joseph Ravine with Laura Smith, Thornhill MPP. Photo Courtesy of Laura Smith, Thornhill MPP

Ravine recently published the title, “Watch Out! It’s Nolan,” a book about overcoming bullying.

“One of the reasons I limit who I follow and engage with on social media is because some people really do not appreciate kindness. Always appreciate kindness from everyone, regardless of who it is. Every good thing that happens to you is a blessing to count. If others cannot realize that, then they will be the ones missing out. I understand that some of us may be exclusive with whom we interact with, have our own comfort levels, and want specific people helping us. But that does not excuse bad behaviour toward a person we are not comfortable with. We should always remember to be kind to everyone, not just our own immediate circle of family and friends,” Ravine explains.

Ravine also indicates how important it is to compromise with others in friendships and relationships. He notes, “compromise is how you sustain both friendships and relationships. If there is no compromise, all relationships and friendships will end.”

Every person has a target audience

Although Ravine states, “When it comes to understanding people, it is important for everyone to know that every person has what I call a target audience. I notice people running after people who have no genuine interest in them. The flaw in this is that people think they can please people and in reality, they cannot. What I suggest personally is to do something you are passionate about and let people see what you do, and let people come to you, because the people who come to you are more likely to want to be your friend. This friendship will last longer because it is based on genuine interest.

Ravine notes his personality has developed over the years and has benefited him on many levels. He says, “I am open to people who are friendly toward me. I will never intentionally hurt someone. I figured when people come to you, they are genuinely interested in you, and therefore, are meant to be with you. Relationships based on mutual interest will last much longer than ones which came about from chasing people, especially people who have no interest in you.”

He concludes, “when you show kindness toward everyone, not chase anyone, and not let your sadness or jealousy get to you, your life will become amazing.”

Ravine hopes that by sharing his perspective about increasing kindness and trust and minimizing fear, we can all make a difference in the world. With kindness and understanding comes appreciation of everything in our lives that comes our way.

lead photo Dark Joseph Ravine by Yulya Dubinsky, Manager of Prédiré Paris at CF Markville

submitted by Lark Begin

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