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Different sports fan experiences in Toronto


Considered by many a very passionate city, Toronto will also manifest its passion in sports. With dedicated venues to support a fanbase of football, lacrosse, rugby and even esports enthusiasts, we can consider it a city that will offer something to all tastes. Sports teams in Toronto are profoundly immersed in the Canadian culture and identifies itself with the city lifestyle, which stimulates many people to become supporters of the sports fan experiences in Toronto.

See below a collection of a few sports loved by Torontonians, such as Soccer, Canadian Football, Baseball, Rugby and Basketball. By the way, did you know that you are able to bet in all these sports in Novibet? Just click on the following link to access a wide array of sports bets with the latest odds available: https://www.novibet.co.uk/sports

Soccer is very popular in the Six, where Toronto FC is the most popular team there. Given all its diversity, attending one of their games will enable you to embrace all the different cultures that build their sportsmanship. The Toronto FC slogan is “All for one”, and they are currently the best team in the region. Note that all clubs in Toronto have their own bar or clubhouse in the city. Some, like Sporting Lisbon, even have their own soccer academy, located in Little Portugal.

If you are looking for pigskin games, however, the Canadian Football is an interesting game to watch too. With less runs and more long bombs, this can bring a lot of action into the game. The Toronto Argonauts are the traditional team from the city, founded in 1873.

Baseball fans should definitely visit the Rogers Centre (also known as the Skydome) if they want to see the legendary Toronto Blue Jays in action. If the stadium dome is open, you can actually admire from up close the 553-meter-tall CN Tower, one of the city’s most well-known landmarks. Curiously, the team’s name was chosen out of 4,000 options in a contest in 1976, the year before the Blue Jays were created.

The Toronto Raptors are the local basketball team, having established themselves with a solid fanbase in their 26 years of history. Some people consider that watching a Raptors game is a unique experience as they are recognized as the country’s team, with some of the loudest supporters out there. If you are in town during the playoffs, then make sure to watch a game in the Scotiabank Arena, also known as the Jurassic Park.

Nevertheless, the most popular sport in the City, and perhaps in all of Canada, is Hockey. The Toronto Maple Leafs are amongst the top hockey teams in the world, having won 13 NHL Stanley Cups since 1915, second only to the Montreal Canadiens in the global ranking. Even if you don’t feel like watching a hockey game, you should check out the Hockey Hall of Fame, a museum with some of the most interesting and rarest artifacts from that sport that will provide you and your family an immersive experience into it.

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