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Different types of roof shingles – Popular types, climate effects


Making a new house or want to replace your old roof shingles? A few years ago, a limited number of roof shingles were available, and you had to select between asphalt, wood, or ceramic. But as technology evolved, there are more than 10 types of roof shingles available nowadays. But all of them are not equal. Based on the material, structure, durability, only a few of them get popularity among the consumers. In this article, we will discuss top roof shingles types.

Different types of roof shingles

Besides, it was very tough work to DIY roof shingles fitting. Even today, you should hire experts for this job. You can hire Londonecometal for your job. Because, for better safety and professional work, you should always go for the best. The team is highly skilled, and they have a good amount of knowledge about what they are doing.

Different types of roof shingles:

Roof shingles are basically building materials to protect the roof of your house. They protect the home in different types of weather. Roof shingles come in many designs. The materials also vary. Here are the popular roof shingles types –

1. Asphalt shingles

The most popular shingle among consumers is asphalt shingles. Why? Because they are less costly and easy to install. Even you can install it by yourself. The primary material of roof shingles is either fiberglass or wood. They can keep the home safe in extreme weather. Asphalt shingles are waterproof, fireproof, and flexible. This shingle is available in various types of design and colors. Though asphalt shingles can last longer, around 20 to 5 years, they lose durability as time runs.

2. Metal roof shingles

Another popular type of shingles is metal roof shingles. Using steel or aluminum, or copper as the primary material makes them more potent than other shingles. Even they can last longer, around 70+ years which is quite good. They can reflect the sunlight and resistance to water, heat, and wind. Metal roof shingles come in different types of stylish appearance and colors. Besides, they are very lightweight. However, the installation is costly because it needs professional skills to set them up. But, as they provide you better durability and show better efficiency, it is worth the money.

3. Wood shingles

The oldest type of shingles is wood shingles. They are made from cedar or redwood. The main benefit of wood shingles is you can easily resize them according to your desire. They are eco-friendly and look aesthetics. It is also an easy task to install or repair wood shingles. But the con is they cannot provide more extended durability like others. Most of the time, they can provide service for around 20-30 years. But, you can easily recycle your old wood shingles. However, they need regular maintenance. They are vulnerable to heat, fire, and water. So, if you select wood shingles for your roof, try to purchase class A wood shingles. Those are resistant to fire.

Different types of roof shingles

4. Solar shingles

Solar shingle is a new addition in this section. They are a modern and contemporary invention that not only saves your roof but also generates energy for your household devices. Though it costs higher than other shingles, there is a cause. It can generate power for your house, which other shingles cannot. So it can lower down your electricity bill. As they are eco-friendly, there is a chance that you are helping the environment by reducing carbon footprinting. Even you don’t need to install them all over the roof. Install them on the south side of your roof for better efficiency.

5. Slate shingles

Slate shingles are made from natural slate slabs. As they come from a natural element, you can easily recycle them after your use. That benefit makes it more eco-friendly. However, they look thin but heavy in weight. But they can provide you the best service and more extended durability. Even some house owners got around 150 years of durability from slate shingles. But this type of roof is costly to install. Because you need to hire a professional team for installing slate shingles, you cannot DIY them. Besides that, it also matters that your house can take the weight of this type of roof or not. For this reason, it is better to talk to an expert about this.

6. Composite shingles

These types of roofs are recycled from plastics, rubbers, and other polymers. They are affordable and look like other natural shingles such as wood and slate shingles. As composite shingles are very lightweight, you can easily install them by yourself. They can protect the roof for 10-20 years. The reason behind less durability is their structure. But they are recyclable. So, you can earn money by selling the used roof also. However, if you go for Class-A composite shingles, you will get around 50 years of tension-free service from them.

There are also other types of roof shingles, such as rubber shingles and concrete shingles. But above mentioned are very popular among the consumers. That is the reason behind putting them on the top list. Roofing shingles are an essential part of your house. So you should consider their weight, material, and, most importantly, durability when you are choosing shingles for your home. Better contact with an expert for the best opinion.

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