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Where to eat on The Danforth


Dining Out Done Right: Where to get a good breakfast/lunch/dinner on The Danforth

The Danforth is probably best known for the iconic Toronto event ‘Taste of The Danforth.’ Home to one of the largest Greek populations outside of Greece, this part of the city is truly a reflection of multiculturalism in Canada.

What makes the Danforth area most notable is definitely the food. Not only do you have restaurants offering traditional Greek fare, but countless other eateries that capture a little taste of the world in our own backyard.

So how do you enjoy a day of eating on The Danforth?


If you are in the mood for a traditional breakfast, head over to Motorama. Enjoy casual dining surrounded by Greek frescos as you take a bite into a greek omelette. If you are looking for a light bite enjoy a Moto Muffin featuring bacon, eggs and cheese on an english muffin.


862 Danforth Ave, Toronto

Open 7 days a week 8 am to 3pm


At Fiorentina “Try the quiche made from goat’s cheese, ratatouille and basil in a light pastry.”

After a morning of shopping at the many unique shops along The Danforth, take a break at Fiorentina. Focused on farm-to-table cuisine, Fiorentina offers box style lunches and platters designed to fulfill your hunger with food that has been grown locally. Try the quiche made from goat’s cheese, ratatouille and basil in a light pastry or sample a Viennoiserie box that includes a selection of croissants and morning pastries including croissant, chocolate almond croissant, beignet, fruit danish, cinnamon bun, pain au chocolat, cheese croissant and cookies.


463 Danforth Ave, Toronto


Thursday to Saturday

Noon − 7pm

Brunch available Saturday and Sunday

9am – 11am

Website: https://fiorentina.ca


Pantheon Danforth’s The delicious hot combo for 2 includes: Homemade spakotiropita, grilled sausage, homemade dolmadakia, grilled octopus and grilled calamari via Instagram

Serving the Danforth area for more than 20 years, Pantheon has become a local favourite for people looking for a little taste of home. The menu features fresh fish and wines imported from Greece. Having the family over? Try the Thalassina Pikilia, a seafood platter featuring an amazing assortment of seafood including salmon, cod, shrimp, octopus and more. If you are looking for something a little lighter, like the ortykia or roast lamb.


407 Danforth Ave, Toronto


Monday-Thursday 11am-10pm

Friday-Sunday 11am-11pm



Layered opera cake with coffee buttercream and fruit! via Leonidas Chocolates on Instagram

Indulge your sweet tooth at Leonidas Chocolates. Exquisitely crafted chocolates await including neapolitans, coupe citron, mini tiramisu and so many more mouthwatering choices.

The patio allows you to pair your chocolate with a hot coffee or espresso on a chilly fall night or enjoy one last gelato before the snow flies. Don’t forget to take some chocolate home for later.

Leonidas Chocolates

484 Danforth Ave, Toronto



Sunday to Thursday 8:30am to 11pm

Friday to Saturday 8:30am to midnight


Sunday to Thursday 8:30am to 10pm

Friday & Saturday 8:30am to 10pm

story by Sarah McGoldrick

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