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5 Easy Summer Cocktail ideas this Canada 150 Long Weekend


Easy Summer Cocktails— There’s a lot going on in the city this special Canada 150 long weekend, but just in case you feel like taking it easy and chillin’ at home we’ve got some cool summer cocktail and drink ideas to beat the heat from the comfort of your own deck chair. Here’s a quick list of cocktails and concoctions that are great for cooling off this long weekend.

Summer Cocktails to Beat the Heat

  • Sangria– What’s not to love about a pitcher of this refreshing, punch-like cocktail? With all the fruit it could almost be considered healthy (ok, without the wine and brandy, of course). This delicious drink has many different variations, so if you’re adventurous you might be able to make it up along the way.


overhead shot of mojito
A tall, refreshing mojito starts off summer right.
  • Mojitos– Mojito Day is almost upon us (July 11th), but why not get a jump on it early. This tall, refreshing summertime staple is tasty, simple to make, and still takes a bit of subtlety and finesse (if you’re going to do your muddlin’ right). The basic ingredients are white rum, sugar, soda water, fresh mint leaves, and some lime wedges—simple enough to have handy, yes?

No Mixing Required

Strawberry Daiquiri breezer
New Strawberry Daiquiri Breezer from Bacardi, ready to pour
Can of pina colada breezer from bacardi
New Pina Colada Breezer from Bacardi, ready to pour









  • Breezers– If you’re really not feeling up to creating your own concoctions, then let Bacardi do all the work for you with their cool, refreshing, ready to pour Breezers. Check out new flavours like Strawberry Daiquiri Colada and Pina Colada.

A Classic

beauty shot tom collins
Classic Tom Collins made with Bombay Sapphire Gin
  • Tom Collins– This classic cocktail is perfect for a hot, summer day or night. Put together a pitcher and have it handy for everyone to enjoy while you regale your them with the tale of how this famous drink got its name from a 17th-century practical joke!

Traditional and Elegant

traditional daiquiri
Crisp, clean, traditional daiquiri
  • Daiquiri– In anticipation of National Daiquiri Day on July 19th, celebrate the Canada 150 long weekend with this iconic drink. Created by an American working in Cuba in the late 1800s, this is one of the most popular and delicious cool summer cocktails. These days’ people think they need a snow machine to make a daiquiri, but the original drink is super simple, traditionally using rum, sugar and freshly squeezed lime juice for a smooth, tangy beverage.

And, if you’re feeling like a cocktail connoisseur and want to impress your guests (or yourself, for that matter) get some great drink inspiration from Playa Bacardi and The Most Imaginative Bartender Competition!

So, whether you’re sitting on the dock or sitting on your balcony these easy, breezy summer cocktails are a surefire way to chill and enjoy the Canada 150 long weekend.

Happy Canada 150!

By: Tanya Paoli – totimes.ca



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