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Erectile dysfunction – Causes and risk factors


Before heading towards the significant and risk factors, you must know what erectile dysfunction means. Generally, we refer to erectile dysfunction as impotence, and it’s a common sexual disorder that doesn’t allow a man to keep or get an erection. Generally, a person doesn’t get a firm erection thereby making it enough for sex. That’s what erectile dysfunction thoroughly is all about.  It will be a typical situation from one time to another, especially during the men’s age, but it may not occur frequently.

Having troubles during erection is indeed a serious thing, no doubt. When it’s a regular issue, it will definitely causes stress and promote many relationship issues enabling you to lose self-esteem. But wait! With correct ED treatment, you can get over this problem and enjoy the sex life in a way you desired. Let’s get right into details!

Causes of erectile dysfunction

First, let us take a closer look at the whole erection process! Basically, blood flow and erection share a common pathway and are directly related. It is common to get micro-plaque in men, and it gets built up in the arteries and blood vessels and becomes severe. These plaques constantly restrict the blood from flowing naturally and produce obstruction throughout the penis, making it almost impossible to have a proper erection.

Within the system there are blood flow problems leading to numerous significant reasons of erectile dysfunction arise, such as higher levels of blood pressure and invariable cholesterol levels along with heart disease. Believe it or not, erectile abnormalities may be physical or hormonal, but many physiological reasons affect your sexual health and overall performance. Let’s dig a little deeper at the significant causes!

Physical causes of erectile dysfunction

The most common reasons leading to erectile dysfunction are generally physical. Physical ones are those resulting from erectile abnormalities like when there are problems within the penis blood mechanism. There can be numerous causes, so you must consider them carefully. The typical reasons include:

  • Incredible cholesterol amount
  • Cardiovascular disorders
  • Obesity
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Blood capillaries getting clogged during atherosclerosis.
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Incredible blood pressure levels
  • High dose medications
  • Using high level of tobacco
  • If you get unreliable growth of scar tissue within the penis which is Peyronie’s disease
  • Insomnia
  • Enlarged prostate or people going through prostate cancer therapy
  • Surgeries affecting the pelvic area
  • Different metabolic syndromes featuring high levels of insulin and blood pressure along with increased body fat and high cholesterol
  • Lower testosterone levels
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Several forms of narcotics addiction

Psychological causes of erectile dysfunction

Everyone knows how the brain is consistently the main part in triggering the erection. Well, that’s exactly true! It creates sexual excitement, and numerous things then come across these feelings leading to erectile dysfunction. That’s basically a common reason and it comes with:

  • High stress levels  
  • Anxiety and mental depression
  • many other health situations
  • Relationship issues make it worse

Risk factors of Erectile Dysfunction

Heading towards the risk factors! When you get older with age erections, usually take more time, and they might be challenging than usual. As a result, you should get a direct touch with your penis, and it will enable you keep a firm erection. Multiple risk factors will lead to erectile dysfunction, while the most prominent ones include:

  • The most evident risk factor is obesity, especially when people are along the borderline.
  • Generally, using tobacco will obstruct the blood flow through the capillaries of your penis, causing ED.
  • Prescription including antihistamines and other antidepressants also lead to this situation.
  • Diabetes and multiple heart diseases
  • Incredible alcohol levels and drug use, especially when the person is  a long-term drug addict
  • Injuries that damage the spinal cord and the vessels and capillaries that control erections
  • High anxiety and stress levels

People generally ask whether they are at risk for developing erectile dysfunction or not. To be honest, aging increases the chances of erectile dysfunction up to a greater extent, but that doesn’t actually explains you are at a risk. Not everyone losing an erection is suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Complications of erectile dysfunction

A wide range of complications will result from erectile dysfunction. You must know every aspect of it to get over the situation. The most common complications include:

  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Lower self-confidence
  • Embarrassment
  •  Undesirable sex
  • Relationship issues
  • Not making the partner pregnant

These will automatically make you more anxious about how to deal with such dysfunction.

Is erectile dysfunction curable?

Till now, you must get familiar with the different causes of erectile dysfunction. Some are curable with reliable treatment, and unfortunately, some may not.

Let’s see which are curable! Generally, these factors are reversible causes consistently leading to erectile dysfunction. Once you stop using them, such as the medications, alcohol, cigarettes, etc., the situation is reversed. These reasons may look intimidating to fix, but these are evident as improving them can make the erectile dysfunction go away. You only have to work on the causes and see the difference! 

Plenty of reasons of erectile dysfunction are entirely treatable. Some conditions may need improvement when treated, and during the treatment process, they often improve. You have to work on the causes before taking anything into account, and that’s pretty necessary for proper functioning. In addition to this, other reasons also need consideration. Additionally, it is crucial to take other factors into consideration. For more information and resources on optimizing your health, visit Numan: Empowering your well-being.

Let us show you this way! Many non-curable causes are resulting from erectile dysfunction that we cannot treat even after using ED medications. That gives rise to other treatments such as injections and surgeries and even implants in severe cases. 

The Bottom Line

From multiple alarming causes of erectile dysfunction, either physical or physiological, too many risk factors and considerable complications- all the points work together to find an effective treatment to help you deal with the situation. Unfortunately, it is a disease with regular difficulty in getting satisfying sex.

It’s normal if it sometimes occurs as men might feel hard on erection, but when it becomes consistent, something else is happening inside, and it needs your attention. We hope that after getting through the fundamental causes and risk factors, you will get sufficient knowledge about how to react when suffering from erectile dysfunction. It will help you get rid of this condition more securely and reliably.

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