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Everything you need to know about u part wigs


Do you want to get the best wig in town? Everyone wants to get premium quality wigs to protect the hairs and scalp from dangerous chemicals. Right? So luvmehair is offering premium quality wigs for dealing with your issues.

From Luvmehair, you can get a variety of high quality human hair wigs. Whether it’s the latest T part lace wig or the classic and popular u part wig, you can get the style you want in luvmehair.

This article will focus on all things U part wig.Now, if you are new to Upart wig, this guide is for you. Here we will share everything about u part wigs that make it easy for you to use and style them.

So let’s dive into it.

What are u part wigs?

First, it is essential to know what u part wigs are and how they differ from other wig types. Theu part wigs are also quarter wigs with an u-shaped base or cap. It features the fine sheer mesh along with the clips for easy usage.

Remember that u part wigs come in different styles that you must choose according to your head size. Moreover, you can select the side, middle and centre style of u part wigs for styling it in your desired way. It allows the users to use it on top of their natural hair and is good to go for your function. You can blend your natural hairs with the u part wig hairs and make it more realistic by setting it a natural hairline. It doesn’t take too much time to style the u part wigs compared to the other wigs.

How to use the u part wigs?

As we already said, u part wigs differ from all other types like full lace wigs, bob wigs, and many more. However, it is easy to style the u part wigs and achieve a natural appearance.

Here is the step-by-step guide to using the u part wigs and becoming a master in them. Ensure that you follow each step and make it more natural to style it.

Measure your head size

It is the first and most crucial step before choosing the u part wigs. The u part wigs come in different sizes; you must select them according to your head dimensions. The appropriate size of u part wigs helps you to style the wig with a seamless look.

Part your hairs

The next step is to part your hair according to your style selection. Ensure that you use the rattail comb for partitioning your hairs at the head crown according to your u part wig shape. Moreover, part your hair an inch wide near your hairline to the ears and clip them properly. It will give you an easy styling and wearing experience of u part wigs.

Create the wig foundation

Now your hair is ready to wear the wig and come in good shape. However, before wearing the u part wig, it is essential to make your hair flat as much as possible to give an even foundation. If you have long hair, you can braid your natural hair and twist it around to make a smooth base.

Wear u part wig

Now it’s time to wear the u part wigs at your smooth hair foundation. Hold your u part wigs with both hands from both sides and place them on your head. Ensure to cover the braids and snap the clips on them. Every u part wigs from luvmehair have the clips along with the perimeter of wigs. It helps in the perfect fitting of a wig on your head. However, ensure that the wig lays flat on your head and clips in the right place and dimensions for a smooth and natural appearance.

Adjust the u part wig on your head

The u part wig has an adjustable strap that helps in easy styling and adjustment of the wig on your head. Ensure that you adjust the strap to a point where it fits perfectly and doesn’t irritate your head. However, after snapping the clip, you will feel comfortable, but if you need additional support, straps will be a great help. The u part wig straps lower the chances of the wig sliding from your head during the extended functions.

Mask the hair wigs

The last step is also essential after wearing and adjusting the u part wigs. When you set the u part wigs firmly at your head, then release your natural hairs on both sides from the crown of your head. Comb the strands with a wide tooth comb to get an outstanding and flawless appearance.

How to maintain the u part wigs?

If you use the u part wigs for a long time, ensure to follow the maintenance tips. It helps to style the u part wigs for plenty of time and get a natural look.

Here are some tips to help you maintain your u part wigs.

  • Comb the wig with a wide tooth comb to ensure its longevity. The wide tooth comb reduces the pressure that can pull the hair strands from the sheer mesh lace.
  • Store the u part wigs carefully after using them. Whenever you use the u part wigs, comb them first and then store them in the box for next time.
  • Reduce the use of iron or heat on u part wigs to make them more durable. Human hair u part wigs are more sustainable than synthetic u part wigs from heat.
  • Ensure that you follow these maintenance tips and protect your u part wigs from extreme damage.


After reading the above guide, you know all about the u part wigs. Ensure that you select the wig according to your head size and desired style. It helps achieve a flawless hairstyle and wear the wig for a long day.

Now measure your head and get your u part wigs from the luvmehair according to your desired style. If you want to try more kinds of wigs, such as glueless lace wigs, throw on and go wigs, headband wigs, you can also visit the luvmehair homepage for more information.

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