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How Canadians Can Fight the Impact of Allergies with Artificial Grass


Studies show that approximately four in every five Canadians suffer from hay fever every year. Hay fever or seasonal allergies can be incredibly debilitating, and in many cases, it can stop people from going outside and making the most of their backyards and outdoor activities. Artificial grass in Toronto is an innovative alternative to natural landscaping that can help to minimize the effect of seasonal allergies at home. The switch to artificial grass enables Canadians to go outside more and take advantage of their outdoor spaces without feeling ill.

How Grass Leads to Allergies

Natural grass landscaping contributes to seasonal allergies by spreading pollen in two main ways. Grass produces tiny particles of pollen for fertilization and supports its growth. The second pollen source is weeds which trigger allergies and hay fever from fast-moving pollen particles that get carried by the wind and overtake backyards during the spring and summer. More weeds and more grass typically mean more pollen in the air.

When inhaled, pollen can trigger hay fever, causing symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, congestion, runny noses, eye irritation, or even sinus infection. In some cases, seasonal allergies cause intense symptoms, including fevers, that limit your ability to go outside. By switching to artificial grass, you can eliminate the source of pollen from your yard for a healthier and happier outdoor experience.

Keeping Pollen Away with Artificial Grass Installation

Weeds and individual blades of grass are the most substantial contributors to pollen. Artificial grass installation addresses both culprits by eliminating the source of allergens. Since synthetic fibres do not contain organic material and do not need to reproduce, they do not emit any pollen.

Weeds can be difficult to control in natural grass landscaping. The more weeds spread, the more difficult regaining control of your lawn becomes. Many homeowners opt for store-bought herbicides, lawn sprays, or manual removal to manage weeds. Regardless of the approach, eliminating weeds from natural grass is time-consuming, resource intensive, and often unsuccessful. Artificial grass landscaping offers a long-lasting solution to weeds. In preparation for installation, yards are carefully excavated, removing all topsoil and organic material, entirely eliminating all traces of organic matter, such as roots that weeds require to reproduce. For further protection against weeds, high-density weed barriers are laid on your base, below artificial grass, preventing any new weeds or plants from penetrating the surface of neat and well-manicured synthetic turf landscaping.

Biting Bugs & Allergies

Fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes are known for their nuisance biting, which causes swelling and itching in people and pets. These pests make spending time outside in the grass for a picnic or even a family activity day uncomfortable. The risk of being bitten can keep families stuck inside and unable to make the most out of warm weather. Pesky insects such as mosquitoes are attracted to natural grass where there are humid and dark environments to nest. When water builds up in natural grass or lawns become overgrown, there is a greater risk of insect infestations that would make you, your family, and your pets sick. Because artificial grass and synthetic pet turf does not require water or mowing and facilitates fast drainage, it is not an inviting or habitable environment for pests to nest. Installing luxury artificial grass can keep these bugs away for long periods of time.

Dust-Free Zone

Dust, like pollen, is another substantial contributor to seasonal allergies. Dust can be more challenging to eliminate because it is produced by virtually everything, organic or synthetic. However, when dust does accumulate on and around artificial grass, it only takes a few seconds to clear. Simply rinsing your artificial grass in Toronto with cold water from a hose will remove dust buildups and allow you to stay comfortably in an allergen-free environment.

Other Benefits of Artificial Grass for Backyard Landscaping

The benefits of artificial grass are endless. Switching from natural to artificial grass in Toronto can save you time, money, and stress. Long-lasting, high-quality, and flexible artificial grass installation can be used creatively for virtually any indoor or outdoor application, from lawn replacements to custom indoor putting greens. Built with durable backings and synthetic solid fibres, European-made Echoing Green turf will survive the fluctuations of Canadian seasons for at least a decade.

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