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4 Ways to Stay Warm While Visiting Toronto this Winter


Toronto is a beautiful and fun city to visit at any time of year, but the winter season holds a unique charm that attracts millions of visitors each year. The only downside that you’ll have to contend with while taking in the beauty of the city and its multicultural attractions is that it can get cold. If the weather turns chilly, it will help enormously to make a plan to get warm, so you don’t have to retreat to your hotel.

1)    The TTC and Subway System

As Canada’s most populated city, getting to see everything you want to hit during a visit to Toronto can pose a challenge. Luckily, it also contains an enormous public transportation system, called the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), which provides citizens and visitors transportation vis subway, busses and streetcars to most of the city for an affordable fare. The best part for winter visitors is that a trip on the TTC is an easy way to warm up.  

2)    The PATH system

As in the case of Montreal’s underground city, Toronto got wise to the problem of winter cold many years ago and connected a large area on the downtown core with underground paths. Not only does the PATH system connect many hotels and attractions downtown like

  • City Hall
  • Union Station
  • Roy Thompson Hall
  • Scotiabank Arena

but it also holds an extensive network of shopping opportunities.

Toronto also contains many other large shopping centers where visitors can find great deals while staying warm and comfortable. The best way to experience what’s available in shopping in any city you might visit is to go online to research what’s available before you hit the city.

An online shopping directory that lists local shopping centres is the best way to do this; such websites also provide online flyers for your favourite stores and information on sales and events.

3)    Rent a Fire Pit at Ontario Place

While the amusement rides of Ontario Place are a thing of the past, the area has enjoyed a great deal of revitalization and use in recent years. Most of the land has been reclaimed by the city of Toronto as a public parks space, which includes many attractive amenities.

One of the best parts about this revitalization project is that the park now contains several fire pits that you can book to enjoy the warmth and ambience of a beautiful wood fire right by the lake. 

4)    Heated Patios

If you’ve finally grown tired of all the travelling you’ve been doing while roaming the attractions of Toronto, it’s time to find a cozy place to warm up where you can sit and relax. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many bars and restaurants in Toronto have invested in heating options like propane heaters and fire pits to allow more customers to enjoy their meals in a safe outdoor environment. Just be sure to call in advance since patio availability is usually weather-permitted.

If you’re planning on visiting any Canadian city during the winter, it helps to be prepared. Get started on your plans by trying out a website that specializes in offering local shopping information.

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