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Great tips for men’s fashion


Men’s fashion has been increasingly trending over the last decade or so. For the longest time many men shunned fashion, skincare or even having a self care routine. Things have come a long way since then and more focus has fallen upon men’s fashion and self care. This is a positive development and it is also an important message to send to everyone that self care isn’t a sin.

Self care is healthy for the mind as well. Looking good can also mean that you are also feeling good, and therefore it is important to showcase your best self. Whether you are going to a casino or staying at home having a laugh at the best online casino – it is important to feel good, and men’s fashion can help you do that.

Tips for men’s fashion

In this article you can find useful men’s tips for for both looking good a feeling good. Men’s fashion can be a jungle but abiding by simple rules, you can quickly gain a good sense of how and what you should look for.

The fit is everything

This is the golden rule of men’s fashion. When it comes to styling yourself in clothing and trying to improve on how you dress – you should always start with the fit. No matter what, a great fit is more stylish and better looking than buying an expensive piece of garment. Tom Ford, one of the biggest designers and personalities in the fashion world, takes his Fruit of the Loom t-shirts to be fitted at a tailor. For those who don’t know Fruit of the Loom it is clothing that isn’t the highest quality and something you usually wear on Sundays after you’ve just woken up.

The point that Tom Ford is making by this is saying that it doesn’t matter when or what is it – it needs to fit right.

How should a t-shirt fit, you may ask? This is a much harder question to ask. The number one rule is that it’s up to you. If you want an oversized fit cause it looks great with your skinny jeans – then go for it. If it is a more slim and tapered fit, you can go for that. Just have in mind that the fit is the most important thing when it comes to everything from t-shirts to trousers.

A 100 dollar suit that fits is way more stylish than a $1,000 suit that doesn’t. Become best friends with a tailor and see your style improve rapidly, and learn more how to take care of your clothes by using top quality long garment bag.

Make it personal

When it comes to men’s fashion there are a lot of different ways to go; a versatile jacket, a permanent bracelet, or a good pair of leather shoes. Every one of them is okay and it is up to you to find your style. It can seem contradictory but finding your own style and having everything fitted from a tailor doesn’t have to be in the opposite sites of the spectrum.

A good lesson to take from the great John Mayer is having a point system. You have 10 points on an outfit and every piece of garment consists of a certain amount of points. A bold t-shirt might amount to 6 points where a plain white tee only amounts to 3. Style your fits the way you want them to look and try to hit just the right amount of points. This way, you can still make it personal without going overboard.

Sneakers or shoes?

The sneaker culture has risen to become one of the biggest industries and probably is the biggest industry when it comes to men’s fashion. Sneakers are often sold or resold for a huge amount of money and pop culture icons get their own sneakers at big brands like Nike or adidas. The easy answer to this question is go with the flow and your own style.

Shoes and sneakers can be styled up and down – which is the beauty of both pieces. Wearing cropped trousers with a button up shirt and crisp white sneakers is a way you can keep it more casual without going all overboard. The same way you can wear loafers to simple dad jeans to style up your casual outfits. When it comes to the shoes or sneaker question there are a lot of room to experiment and the best way to find out what you are into is by asking yourself – what makes me feel good and comfortable?

Accessories and skin care

John Mayer said in an interview with GQ that you should start wearing that hat when you are in your 20’s. It takes years to find the right hat and the sooner you start, the sooner you find it and get used to it. Hats, jewellery and skin care have become staples in men’s self care and this is an area where your income dictates what brands you buy. A good advice is to google and search for brands and reviews to find something that is in your price range.

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