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How to build trust when working across borders


It’s no secret that building trust when breaking into new markets across borders can be challenging. Many entrepreneurs find themselves looking for the best ways to establish themselves overseas to grow their business. But how do you instill confidence in your endeavours with your potential partners? Your personal communication, brand recognition, product and service quality can all play a part in helping you find success internationally.

Some basic advice on how to make a great first impression can entail:

  • Building a great personal rapport with the associates you’re looking to make
  • Having an informative well-crafted web page
  • Utilizing a business email address for correspondence

The leader

As an entrepreneur looking to expand the operations of your enterprise internationally, emerging markets can be lucrative. Newly industrializing nations with growing consumer bases can be a key to achieving success. Thus, it’s crucial to be able to find the right local associates and to inspire them to cooperate.

Make sure to do your research on the prospect’s culture, the local industries, the language, and the customs. The first few conversations are key to laying a foundation for a fruitful relationship with talented individuals. Don’t hesitate to reach out in person when possible, as hearing a confident voice with the right answers can sway a conflicted mind. It’s easier than ever to call Ghana, for example, only requiring a phone with a decent mobile network.

The exhibition

It’s vital to ensure that you have an informative, well-crafted and designed web page for your company. Whilst being crucial for any potential customers looking to learn more about the products or services on offer, it’s no less significant for potential partners. It’s the business card for a company and can greatly help in building trust during first contact.

Make sure to have all the essential information about what you do. It’s also crucial to have all your contact information be present on the website and easy to access. That includes a physical address to add that extra bit of certainty that the company is real and functioning.

Having customer testimonies and logos of existing partner companies placed on your site will also go a long way and showcasing that your enterprise is trustworthy and has already been tested by others with success.

The messenger

The last one might look like a minor thing, which it is. But having a corporate email address and using it for all official correspondence can make all the difference. It just shows that your approach is serious. The domain present in the address itself will also spread your company recognition. Don’t forget to leave your contact information in the correspondence, enabling the other party to respond conveniently. 

To conclude, a strong online presence and a personal touch when making first contact lay a great foundation for building a trustworthy relationship.

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