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How to make a nice cozy renovation: 6 practical tips


An apartment in which it is comfortable to live, always consists of many little things that turn an impersonal room into an individual space with character. And you need to start thinking about these little things even before the renovation begins. Let’s figure out what details are essential to pay attention to and how to turn merely a roof over your head into a cozy vibrant home.

1. Mentally live your day at home

Look at the plan of your apartment, close your eyes, and imagine opening the door and going inside. What will you do first? Hang up the keys or take off your coat? Which side will you put the wardrobe on? At what height will the clothes hooks hang? Where will the shoe shelf be located?

Then, mentally, go into the bedroom and ask yourself: where will I put the bed? Where will my workspace be, and where is the dressing room and dressing table? Then follow to the kitchen and bathroom, presenting in detail each of your steps. This tactic will help you feel the little things that are important to you and make the apartment comfortable and cozy even before the renovation. Even if only in your head.

2. Think over every detail of the interior

Having made your first journey in the imagination, proceed immediately to the second. Now, when you imagine how the main furniture will be located, pay attention to the details. What kind of doors will you have: sliding or swing doors? And the handles: push or rotary? Or maybe you like stationary ones? Will you select triple pane windows Ottawa or double ones?

Moreover, align your interior design ideas with your budget. Finding high-quality, budget-friendly options, especially among thin brick products, can transform your vision into reality. Take fireplaces, for example. While many people might not afford traditional bricks, they can achieve the same aesthetics using brick veneers. These thin brick products retain the charm of real bricks, allowing you to create the cozy ambiance you desire without exceeding your budget. It’s about finding creative solutions that blend affordability with the desired look and feel of your home.

The more specific your idea of a dream apartment is, the better the result of the renovation will be.

3. Make the layout of your apartment

The location of furniture and interior items can change: in the end, tastes are absolutely fickle. Today you like Scandinavian style, and in three years you will suddenly become a fan of modern classics.

However, such relative constants as lifestyle or hobbies play an extremely important role and should find their embodiment in your interior.

4. Arm yourself with colour

Colour plays an important role not only in the formation of mood but also in the perception of space. If it is essential for you to visually expand the apartment, give your preference for the same colour and texture of the floor covering in all rooms. And to “add air” to the room, paint the back wall and floor in the same colour.

A well-chosen colour scheme can, among other things, save you from household chores. For example, a light floor will need to be wiped less often, and a dark one will get dirty quickly and it is not easy to keep it clean.

5. Do not neglect the principles of ergonomics

Ergonomics is responsible for the comfortable interior of the room – starting from hooks for outerwear in the hallway and ending with drawers in the bathroom. Each room has its own nuances in creating an ergonomic space. Let’s focus only on the main:

  • furniture should be safe – it should not have sharp corners and protruding parts that you can catch on and get injured;
  • the width of the main passages in the rooms should be at least 70 cm. At the same time, if you decide to install a double bed in the bedroom, make sure that the approaches to it are on both sides;
  • the height of the table and chair in the work area depends on the structure and height of a particular person, and the drawers of the table should not be placed too high or low – it is better to place them at knee level;
  • for the work area, it is better to choose natural lighting and place the table near the window;
  • use stoppers – inconspicuous door limiters that will help protect your doors and walls from damage;
  • try not to install sockets for specific appliances in living rooms, because the purpose of the space may change over time: For example, you may want to equip a nursery in place of the office. It is better to provide electrical outlets in every corner of the room.

Remember that a comfortable apartment takes into account the character, habits, and physiological characteristics of all its residents.

6. Plan the lighting carefully

You need to plan lighting at the last moment, when you have outlined a plan for the arrangement of furniture, understood where the dining table will be located, and where the recreation area will be. At the same time, it is not necessary to use a multi-level light at all. It is enough to install spotlights in bathrooms and the corridor, and in the living rooms to hang a chandelier with an adjustable lighting level – a dimmer.

There are better solutions than wall lamps. As a rule, the rays of the sconce are directed at the wall, so it is harmful to read in such a light – the eyes have to strain hard and they get tired quickly. But floor lamps are what you need. Several stylish floor lamps with different lights will add comfort to the room, make your stay comfortable and help in zoning the space.

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