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Hugh’s Room has a new home and re-opens very soon


TORONTO, July 6, 2023 – Toronto just scored a big win on the cultural scene! The amazing team at Hugh’s Room Live (HRL) has officially announced the purchase of the wonderful historic church property at 296 Broadview Avenue, Toronto. This major acquisition secures the future of this beloved cultural institution in the city, and paves the way for an innovative new music hub in Toronto expected to be up and running this fall 2023.

Brian Iler, the Board Chair could not contain his enthusiasm, stating, “This new home isn’t just a game-changer, it’s a groundbreaking music sanctuary. Our vision for this space includes dedicated support for artists, performance studios, and vibrant community musical activities.”

Hugh’s Room is relocating in 2024 to this wonderful historic church property at 296 Broadview Avenue, Toronto

It’s been a long and dedicated journey for the HRL Board and staff, working hand in hand with a broad community of stakeholders, volunteers and music enthusiasts. As Iler humbly puts it, “Everyone who cherished the old venue at 2261 Dundas West rallied together to make this happen.”

None of this would have been possible without the support of over 1000 committed individuals including volunteers, donors and bondholders. These extraordinary individuals have inspired us all during this challenging time for Hugh’s Room Live and the performing arts throughout our city.

A glimpse inside at the performance space for what will become the new Hugh’s Room in Toronto’s side.

“I’d like to call out a few people in particular,” Iler said. “None of this would have happened without the leadership of our formidable Alternate Chair, Jim Thomas; our persistent real estate advisor, musician and Board Member, Laura Fernandez or our dedicated Treasurer, Michael Capotosto. While we still have hurdles to overcome, one thing is certain: the future of Hugh’s Room Live is secure, and we’re ready to strengthen this multi-purpose cultural institution that our city and community desperately need.”

A glimpse inside what will become the new Hugh’s Room

The property at 296 Broadview Avenue is a listed historic gem, designed by the renowned Toronto architect E.J. Lennox, who also graced our city with iconic structures like Old City Hall and Casa Loma. It’s a testament to the rich heritage they aim to preserve and celebrate.

This summer Hugh’s Room Live will be hard at work preparing the space for live performances to kick off in September. The team at Hugh’s Room say they have committed to consulting extensively with local residents and businesses, ensuring that this new cultural fixture thrives in this vibrant part of our city. Together, we’ll create something truly remarkable.

Mark your calendars and get ready to be part of a new chapter in Toronto’s cultural tapestry. Hugh’s Room Live is taking centre stage, and Toronto can’t wait.

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