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Good Apps start with inspiration


Pretty much anyone in Canada can make an app if they know what they’re doing. And to know what they’re doing, they just have to do their research. Like anything else, creating an app takes hard work and discipline.

Of course, if you’re looking to create an app, it helps if you know how to code. You can learn how to code on your own, by taking classes, or by learning from a friend or programming tutor. If those options aren’t for you, you may be able to learn how to code by playing with toys. It’s not as complicated as you might think, and you won’t know until you try. Some people don’t know they’re good at singing until they join a choir. The same is true for coding.

But you don’t need to know how to code to build an app, especially if you get help from someone at an app development company in Toronto. If you have a promising idea that no one else has come up with, your idea has potential, and ideas with potential can and often do bloom into apps that succeed in the competitive and highly lucrative app marketplace in and outside of Canada.

How to find inspiration

Good ideas for an app don’t randomly appear out of the soil. Inspiration is the seed that allows them to grow.

Inspiration is a somewhat mysterious thing. You can’t simply do this or that to get inspired. Sometimes inspiration seems to appear out of nowhere. You could be doing the dishes and then BOOM—inspiration strikes!

But researching successful apps, writing down ideas, thinking hard about apps to create, talking to app developers—doing all these things can increase your chances of getting inspired. So too can:

  • Meditating
  • Exercising
  • Making art—writing short stories, poetry, visual art, music, etc.
  • Attending museums
  • Watching movies
  • Reading books
  • Getting back to nature
  • Keeping a notebook
  • Travel

The list is long. But, as a general rule, if you’re looking for inspiration to make an app, think about what problems you or other people have that an app could solve. Apps that solve particular problems—like how to get to certain locations on time—are called solutions-based apps and can do very well on the mobile app marketplace.

Get Inspired to Make a Solutions-Based App

How can you identify a problem that an app can solve? Pay attention to the problems you come across every day. They may be simple, like how to remember to drink enough water. They may be complex, like how to navigate the world and get to where you need to go on time.

You may think there is already an app for every problem you come across every single day. But people have been thinking that for years.

Keep in mind that not all quotidian problems can be solved with apps—for instance, you can’t stop someone else’s baby from crying on an airplane with an app (and you wouldn’t want to). But you can use an app to create white noise for your own baby to sleep.

And, speaking of sleep, it’s a great way to get inspiration. Get plenty of sleep, dream, and record your dreams in your diary. Doing that, plus paying attention to problems big and small that you come across every day, is a promising way to prime yourself for inspiration.

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