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Sleep survey suggests Canadians could be having more fun in bed


Women have far more complaints about sleeping with their partners than men

TORONTO, July 12, 2021 /CNW/ – Canada is 15 months into the COVID pandemic, and it feels like almost everything has changed. To navigate the ‘new normal,’ Emma – The Sleep Company (Europe’s most awarded mattress ) commissioned a timely ‘State of Sleep’ survey (of 1000 Canadians) to see what is ACTUALLY happening in the beds and the bedrooms of the nation.

Key findings of the survey (National):

1. Canadians could probably have ‘more fun’ in bed:

  • Asked what they currently do the most with their partners in bed, only 13% of Canadians said they ‘enjoy each other’s company.’ What they report doing the most is sleeping (29.3%.) 8.7% say they are watching television, 7.6% are ignoring each other, 7.2% are talking, and only 2% are arguing.

2. Canadian men don’t want to share:

  • Asked how happy they are to share a bed over a year into the pandemic, 60.4% of men said ‘a lot less happy’ vs. only 39.6% of women.
  • 10% of Canadian respondents said, ‘we broke up.’

3. Sleep could be a lot better for Canadian women:

  • Nationally, women had far more complaints about sleeping with their partners than men.
    65% of women claimed their partner’s tossing and turning robbed them of the most sleep, closely followed by their partner trying to cuddle them (63.5%) and their partner’s snoring (63.0%).
  • In contrast, 51.8% of men said that their pets rob them of the most sleep.

4. Snoring is significant:

  • Asked what their partner does in bed that ‘irritates them the most,’ a majority of women (61.2%) said ‘snoring.’ In contrast, only 38.8% of men were irritated by snoring.

5. Toenail clipping is typically taboo:

  • Canadian men (54.4%) were most irritated by their partner’s toenail clipping in bed vs. only 45.6% of women.

“Now that Canada is slowly heading out of the pandemic after over 15 months of forced COVID cohabitation, there’s bound to be some irritations in the beds and bedrooms of Canadian couples,” said Louie Lagon, Country Manager of Emma – The Sleep Company, Canada. “We’ve arrived in Canada just in time to take a close look at how these attitudes have changed in the bedrooms of the nation so that Canadians know that they aren’t alone.”

Additional Findings:

6. ‘Phoning’ it in:

  • One of the things that both genders almost agree on is banning cellphones in bed. 23.1% of Canadian respondents (both genders) say it’s the top thing they would change in their current sleep arrangement. Men (54.4%) are slightly more serious about banishing cell phones than women (45.6%).

7. (Secretly) Sleeping Solo:

  • Nationally, 20% of Canadians admit that they would secretly choose to sleep alone. Women are slightly more interested in solo slumber (53.5%) vs. men (46.5%)

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