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7 Tips for making it through harsh winter nights in Canada


When winter arrives, Canadians tend to spend a great deal more time inside their homes. The harsh winter nights of Canada are for bundling up inside perhaps beneath a thick comforter with a good book to read and a warm cup of tea. We as humans cannot go into hibernation but we definitely can hide ourselves in our warm homes at night, specially in a beautiful new mattress from mattress stores

But staying inside during these harsh winter nights can have a serious impact on one’s health as cholesterol levels can drop down. Furthermore, loss of muscle mass and body aches may also start to occur, so one needs to bear this in mind and take actions accordingly.

Read up and use the following tips for making it through the harsh winter nights of Canada. This will definitely act as an effective guide for the coming winter.

1. Get Some Super Warm Comforters

When one hears the word winter, one instantly thinks of comforters. Extra warm and fluffy comforters are a must-have for the cold winter nights of Canada if you want to sleep peacefully. You need to stock up on some extra warm comforters like these when winter is around the corner. Or you can also opt for the additional warmth provided by super soft bamboo quilt cover sets.

One can’t sleep as well without them when temperatures drops down really low during the night curling up beneath a warm comforter can provide a welcome cosy feeling during the cold winter months. Wearing warm pyjamas in bed at night, along with socks can contribute to sleeping peacefully as sometimes these comforters are simply not enough.

2. Update the fireplace

A proper gas fireplace in your home can also help take off that winter chill. Those without one, might want to consider a gas fireplace as part of a winter survival plan. They surely make it easier and more comforting to get through the harsh winter nights of Canada.

Modern fireplaces are the best way to keep the room warm and cosy.  Especially the direct vent varieties which are much more efficient than the previous models. They burn effectively and cleanly and have the ability to turn a spacious room into a warm cosy den. 

These modern fireplaces are important for the extreme winter nights in Canada. A modern gas fireplace is an important thing for Canadian homeowners to consider to help with getting through those harsh winters.

3. Wear lots of layers while heading out

While getting ready to go out on a cold winter night, one should cover themselves with lots of layers. Keep in mind to wear such winter wear that can restrict the penetration of cold gusting winds. Make sure to seal all possible gaps where cold air can enter. 

The cuffs of your coat should be tight around your wrist. Wear an ample hood on top of your hat so that your head is properly covered and can act as a shield for your face. Also wear something with a fur-like lining as it is a potential wind-breaker and protects against frostbite. 

4. Consume Vitamin D

As due to long Canadian winters there is sunlight to absorb the all-important vitamin D for the body, one should add it to their diet since vitamin D also helps in keeping the body warm. Taking vitamin D supplements at night before bed may help relaxation and help to provide a better sleep. 

There are also multiple food items containing vitamin D like egg yolks, fish, krill oil, mushrooms, etc. These items will also help keep your body warm and sleep peacefully.

5. Blow out the snow

This one might seem a bit odd but it helps a lot. Canadian winters mean a lot of snow. You’ll find yourself knee deep in snow which would have surrounded your house completely. Here a snow blower can be really beneficial. 

The thought of digging yourself out in the morning after a big snowfall during the night can often find one tossing and turning. However, knowing you have a machine that can make quicker work of the wintry predicament may help one sleep easier through the cold Canadian winter nights.

In fact, many snowblower owners look forward to the arrival of winter’s blanket, so they can spring to action in the morning and be on their way in no time.

6. Heat Packs

Heat packs are an old tried and true method of keeping warm at night but that’s because they have proven to be very effective. They’re considered highly beneficial when it comes to giving one’s body some extra heat. They can help in these harsh Canadian winter nights. 

Just before going to bed, take one or two heat packs and heat them for a few minutes. The lubricant inside the heat packs keeps them warm for longer hours. Oce can take them with to bed or put them in bed ahead of time so that it is nice and warm when you get under the covers. You can even put them under your shoulders or your back – wherever you feel comfortable. 

They will surely keep you and your bed warm for 5 to 6 hours. This way you can sleep comfortably in your bed without ending up waking in the middle of the night and searching for another comforter.

7. A little workout always helps

Here’s another important tip that will definitely help with surviving the frigid winter nights of Canada. It’s a well known fact that exercise increases your body temperature and circulation, so have a quick workout everyday in order to help increase your body temperature. 

Just make sure to make a routine where you do some weight lifting and some cardio exercises like treadmill. Run or walk with a good pace as much as you can on the treadmill machine and make yourself sweat. Maintaining a normal body temperature is essential in such harsh weather.  

Canada is well known for its harsh weather and especially at night when the temperature can drop to as low as -35 degrees in some areas of the country. In such times, one should be fully prepared before winters arrive as getting even the slightest of tasks done in such weather is an extreme sport.

We have gathered a few effective tips for you. Use these to prep yourself for the harsh winter weather coming ahead. Hopefully these will make your winter nights warm and cosy.

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