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The best types of wood for your home furniture


Wood is the perfect material for home furniture. It has a beautiful appearance and gives off an artistic statement to your space. Moreover, it offers other beneficial properties like durability and water resistance.

There are different types of wood available, and each has its unique shape and properties. For this reason, it’s best to learn about the different kinds of wood. It will help you decide on which would be best for your home.

Below, we’ve outlined some of the best types and what makes them different from one another. Also, learn how to apply gel stain on wood that may help you on your projects “

Hardwood vs. Softwood

Wood is classified into two categories — hardwood and softwood.

Canada has a wealth of both wood classifications. The hardwood species you can find in the country are maple, oak, and birch. Meanwhile, the softwood species are western red cedar, spruce, larch, pine, Douglas fir, and hemlock.

Ottawa itself, which is Canada’s capital, is known for its lumber industry.

The primary difference between hard and softwood is their texture. Softwood is lighter, making it easier to work with. It has knots — making it an excellent choice for rustic aesthetics. Price-wise, it is cheaper than hardwood and is more available in stores.

Hardwoods, on the other hand, are more robust and durable. Because of this durability, hardwoods are the focal point of high-end furniture.

You can usually find hardwood pieces in showrooms. And, to ensure that your new hardwood furniture gets to your home safe, go for a white-glove Ottawa wood furniture delivery. Below are some hardwood species commonly used for making furniture:


This species is one of the most excellent choices for wood furniture. It originates from the Sugar Maple Tree (Acer Saccharum).

Maple wood is acclaimed for its hardness and strength. It is one of the most robust types of wood. As such, many use it for heavy-use furniture such as kitchen cabinets and dressers.

When it comes to texture, maple is fine-textured and straight-grained. Its colour is often white with specks of red and brown hues. Because of this, it is perfect for those looking for a clean and crisp addition to their space.


Oak is a hardwood that offers beautiful wood grain and texture. It is unique and can provide elegance to any home. There are two types of oak — red and white. The tone of the red oak ranges from light brown to pink and has delicate ripple patterns. Meanwhile, white oak gives off more yellow tones and flecks.

It is one of the most suitable types of wood for furniture because of its properties. It is water-resistant and is insusceptible to wear and tear. Moreover, oak is also resistant to fungal infestations. This makes it perfect for indoor use.


When it comes to design, you can’t go wrong with cherry wood. It is a type of hardwood that comes from Prunus Serotina or the American Black Cherry Tree.

True to its name, the cherry wood covers a range of reddish-brown to light pink hues. This wood is unique because its colour turns richer and darker with age due to oxidation. It has a delicate, straight-grain texture and holds a natural sheen.

When it comes to durability, cherry wood is famous for its resistance to decay and rot.

Cherry wood is best placed as a contrast in a space with light floors and walls. It will add balance and uniqueness to your home.


Buying wood furniture is an excellent investment for your home. These are some of the best wood types for your furniture. Knowing what sets them apart can help you choose the best one for your space.

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