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The one thing that makes an awesome Toronto business


With Toronto businesses failing to recover from the economic destruction of COVID, it’s easy for entrepreneurs and business owners to feel at a loss when they look at their business stats over the past few years.

We’ve taken the time to assess the market over the past few years and determine what separates the good from the awesome businesses in Toronto.

What makes a good business?

Anyone can set up a business, but what makes a good business? A company that can achieve the goals it was set up to achieve is the most straightforward answer.

A business owner has an idea to provide a product or service for their demographic. They then take that idea and create a business that solves a problem for their customer, advertising their Unique Selling Point (USP) to distance themselves from their competition.

While that idea may change or develop over time, the overall objective should be clear from the start, and that business should stay on message. A company that stays on this critical objective is good by definition.

But other elements make a business “good.”

A good business should always be customer-centric, ensuring its customers and clients have a positive experience when interacting with the brand. Hiring excellent and reliable staff who understand these objectives will always lead to a positive customer experience.

Leaders passionate about the business area with a strong vision will most likely be at the helm of a good business, followed earnestly by empowered and fulfilled employees with a good life-work balance.

So what is the thing to make my business awesome?

Well, the thing is an app!

The pandemic and increased hybrid working have shown us that connecting with customers can be more complex, and what better way to reach your customer base than from the palm of their hand?

Give your business a boost by creating an app to help keep your customers loyal and engaged with your brand.

We’ve already established above what traits are found within a good business. It’s easy to achieve many of those with the introduction of a mobile application.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it’s better to keep it as simple as possible! Give your customers a helping hand in their personal or corporate life and boost your brand authority in the process.


So you now know what makes an awesome business, but how do you go about becoming one?

Whatever your market, there will always be something that your customers could use in their work or home life. You could create an app for account management or easy interaction with your brand by making online purchases and returns easier. Or create an app to help them complete a function related to your business domain, like this app from an architecture firm giving clients an easy space-planning interface.

We suggest you engage a mobile app development service in Toronto (keeping it local!) to help you flesh out some ideas and start the ball rolling on your new

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