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Video: One Foot Island – The Cook Islands


VIDEOOne Foot Island – The Cook Islands — The Cook Islands are comprised of 15 islands in the South Pacific Ocean. Aitutaki has the most stunning lagoon of all the islands. Also referred to as the Blue Lagoon, it attracts visitors to the 15 white sand and palm treed Islets called Motu’s surrounded by the lagoon’s clear turquoise water.

The most visited Motu is “ONE FOOT ISLAND.”

Here, visitors can enjoy beautiful beaches, the marine life, coconuts walking from islet to islet at low tide and even sending a postcard from this remote island to anywhere in the world. Just think, a postcard purchased on this island and mailed from this island with the island’s own unique postmarked stamp. There is even a restaurant and bar to service all visitors…It is quite a unique place to visit in the South Pacific.

video by Frank Greco, The Travel Guy

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