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What Torontonians need to know about dental implants – Benefits, cost, and insurance


Over time, teeth can decay and fall out. People aged 40 and over may also suffer from a disease called Periodontitis. It is a severe type of gum disease which can cause tooth loss. Once these issues occur, the only way to make a smile look nice again, is through dental implants. Over 3 million people in America alone are known to have had dental implant procedures done.

What are dental implants?

When a tooth falls out, the root goes with it. The dental implant is a metal which is placed into the gum where the root used to be. It is usually made of titanium. Once this is done, the artificial tooth is placed on top of the metal.

Dental implants. Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

This type of procedure has a 98% success rate. It is much better than removable dentures as the teeth stay in permanently. Many people get this treatment when they have bad teeth, are not happy with their teeth, have had gum disease which caused tooth loss, or have had an accident where the teeth were knocked out.

Who can get dental implants?

If there is not enough bone in the jawline, then it may not be possible to get the implants. There are ways of building up the bone by using a bone graft. If you have enough bone and are in good health, then the procedure is one for you.

Dental implants are not only for the older population. Most people around the world are missing at least one tooth. In Canada, 6.4% of the people have no teeth, and over 30% of Canadians do not have dental insurance.

What are the benefits of getting dental implants?

There are many benefits of getting dental implants especially if you have suffered tooth loss or a gum related disease. Some of these are noted below:

  • These implants are permanent as they replace both the root and the tooth. They will not move or fall out. You can feel at ease knowing your new teeth will remain in place after the procedure.
  • Compared to dentures, the implants will help you eat with ease. Because they stay in place, it is easier to chew your food. Dentures constantly move or fall out, making it extremely uncomfortable to eat. This is not the case with implants.
  • Missing teeth can cause slurs or bad speech. Dentures do not help this matter, sometimes they make things worse. Implants act in the same way as your normal teeth would. They help improve your speech, meaning you will not slur your words.
  • Implants help you maintain a healthy jawbone. This will in return help keep your remaining natural teeth in place and prevent further tooth loss.
  • They will make your smile look natural and flawless.

What is the cost?

The cost is not cheap unfortunately. One dental implant can start from $895. This price can easily go up to $2,000 and even $3,000. If you are looking for a full mouth reconstruction, the cost will range between $24,000 and $96,000.

These costs depend on the area you are getting the procedure, how qualified the practitioner is, how many years the clinic has been in operation, the state of your tooth problem, and the work that will have to go into doing the implant. The location is the most important factor.

Where can I get dental implants in Toronto?

The following are a few clinics in Canada where you can get dental implants:

  1. The Art of Dentistry – This centre is based in Yorkville, Toronto. Dr. Sol Weiss, DMD is the leading cosmetic dentist. They do various dental implants and advise that you call in for a consultation to find out the costs and get an opinion on what kind of procedure you will need.
  2. Dr. Berzin – Even though they are only open four days week, they have over 20 years’ experience in the field. They use sedation during their procedures and have a high satisfaction rate.

There are many to choose from depending on your location, your needs, and the cost. It is advised to call in and book a consultation as you will get more information this way.

Will insurance cover this procedure?

This highly depends on the insurance company. Some see it as a cosmetic procedure and therefore do not cover it. Others see it as something that is part of your health which would be necessary to cover under the insurance.

Because the procedure can be quite expensive and most people will not be able to afford it as a once off payment, there are financial aids available. Most clinics will allow the payment to be paid over monthly instalments to help their patients.

There are various clinics to choose from when you need dental implants done. They are more recommended than spending money on dentures. Mainly because dentures are loose, not permanent, and make it difficult to eat. It is a very expensive procedure, but most clinics will offer some sort of payment plan, unless you can find an insurance company which will cover the costs.

It is best to pick a clinic which has many years behind it and has qualified staff who specialize in dental implants. Always do your research and call in for a consultation. Most consultations are free which means you can pick which clinic suits your needs most.

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