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Why Do People Send Flowers?


Top Reasons to send Flowers on Occasions

Flowers are a beautiful gift from nature. They transform gardens and living rooms into beautiful spaces. Because of their innate beauty, they are perfect gifts used to express appreciation and love to your loved ones. 

The recipient of the flowers will be ecstatic at your thoughtfulness and will reap long-lasting benefits from it.  

But if you are still struggling to find a reason to gift flowers, below are some reasons to do it.  

Flowers for any Occasion

Why do people send flowers to their loved ones when the gift will wilt and die in a couple of days? That might be true, but it’s also true that sending gifts is a great way of letting people know you are thinking about them. 

Since flowers come in different types and colours, they are great for any occasion. But you don’t have to wait for an occasion to send a bouquet to your loved one. 

To express your appreciation

Humans are social beings. We interact with different people each day.

You communicate with your family, coworkers, and employers every day. Heck, you probably have a great barista that makes sure your morning cup of coffee is ready when you walk through the restaurant’s door. 

If you have kids, you’ll form a bond with their daycare leaders or teachers when you drop them off and pick them up every day. These people constantly go out of their way to make your day brighter and better. While you cannot exactly repay them, you can express your appreciation by sending them flowers. 

Roses are a great option. They are masterpieces that conjure positive feelings from everyone. However, you might want to skip red roses when gifting acquaintances. Instead, ask the flower delivery company for pink or yellow roses. Tulips and orchids are also ideal for showing your appreciation. 

To express excitement

Side view of cheerful florist in apron giving paper bag with bouquets of flowers to smiling customer in floral shop in daytime

Do you know anyone who just received exciting news? Flowers are a perfect way to let them know you are excited for them as they start a new chapter of their lives. Has your friend gotten a new home? Send her some flowers to decorate her new space with.

Has a family member delivered a baby? A bouquet will boost their mood. Or is your old friend preparing to retire? You can send them flowers through a same day flower delivery. A bouquet can be a great way to usher them into retirement.   

There are loads of flowers you can send to show how happy you are for them. Your choice will depend on the recipient of the flowers. Yellow roses symbolise friendship, while irises symbolize admiration and hope and are ideal for an expectant mother. Gerberas and lilies are perfect for a mother who’s just delivered.  

To express your sympathy 

Losing a loved one is painful. It is easy to feel lost and wonder what you have left to live for. While flowers cannot take away the pain of loss, they can show the recipient they are in your thoughts and that they aren’t alone.

In such situations, choosing the right flowers is crucial when expressing your sympathy. Red carnations are the preferred pick. If a young life was lost, white carnations are ideal since they represent innocence. 

For ages, lilies have been linked to death. Christians believe Virgin Mary’s tomb was covered with them; hence they are perfect for religious people. 

Saying you’re sorry

With all our daily interactions, you’ll inevitably hurt someone, and you’ll want to apologize for it. What better way to do it than by sending a bouquet? If you cannot deliver the flowers in person, then using a delivery service will work perfectly. Be sure to add a personal message to help smooth things over with the recipient. 

Differently colored flowers convey different messages. For instance, pastel and white flowers denote unity and purity, while light-colored lilies and roses are perfect for a spouse. 

Yellow flowers like orchids, gerberas, and roses are good for apologies. Color psychology shows that yellow helps to boost mood and cheerfulness and offer hope.  

Making a great impression

Back view of anonymous guy with curly hair in warm jacket holding bouquet of fresh red roses while standing in front of smiling ethnic girlfriend sitting on stairs in park

First impressions are important. They can either make or break a major opportunity. Whether we like it or not, it’s in our nature to pass judgment when we first meet people. But did you know these opinions are passed in the first 20 seconds? 

With so much on the line and very little time to make a good impression, you might feel the pressure. Flowers are a great way to break the ice. Send a crush some flowers along with a heartfelt note to impress on them how they make you feel. 

Red carnations, tulips, and roses are ideal for this. If you don’t want to come out too strong, you should go with pink flowers. While they are beautiful, they don’t pass feelings of intense passion like red flowers do.  

To mark a holiday

Flowers arrangements are perfect to have in the holidays. Order a bouquet from the best Calgary florist when you attend a seasonal event. Christmas bouquets tend to be ivory and red blooms full of greenery. 

Easter blooms like tulips, Easter lilies, and orchids symbolize the spring season and are perfect for this time. 

To tell your spouse you love them

Photo of White Moth Orchids

Send a bouquet to your loved on to show them how much you care for them. If you think sending roses is cliché, think again. They are a popular gesture because they work perfectly to convey passion and love. 

But if you’d rather stand out from the crowd, consider sending peonies or orchids instead.  Peonies have beautiful colours and silky petals.  They represent prosperity, romance, and happy marriages, making them the best pick. 

Orchids are usually smaller than most flower arrangements which make them perfect for surprise deliveries at the office. 

But you don’t have to stick with one flower. Instead, have a Calgary florist create a beautiful mixed bouquet that’s as unique as your spouse. 

Send some flowers today

It’s a beautiful day to send a loved one a bouquet. Whether you are sorrowful, appreciative, in love, or just looking to make your partner’s day, flowers are a perfect way to get it done.  

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