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The 5 Best Tips for French Drain Installation


A French drain, also known as a “weeping tile” is a type of drain used to remove excess water from a specific area. It is typically constructed by digging a trench, filling it with a perforated pipe, and covering it with gravel or other porous material. Here are the top tips to keep in mind before installing a French drain system to help waterproof your home.

1. Choose Type of water pump

You will find this easy question quite difficult since there are hundreds of models to choose from. In general, you will see more than one pump per bathroom sink that is used depending on how big the bathtub is and how large the shower is. However, some standard models use two and three pumps that are placed side by side. While it might seem like an odd choice to buy several units just because your home isn’t huge, this method of french drain installation would make cleaning easier since you have nothing to scrub down, and you won’t feel overcrowded.

2. The need of faucet

No matter how long it takes to complete your remodel, you need to get rid of the old faucet and purchase new fixtures so you can easily use the bathroom anytime. Don’t worry though, you don’t necessarily need a full-sized faucet that has an attached nozzle so that you can wash hands as often as possible. Instead, a normal toilet faucet will do just fine. When choosing a faucet, try to pick one that comes with adjustable spouts so you can adjust the flow rate according to what you need to do..

3. Important points for purchasing a bathtub

The next thing that might come into mind when considering how to install a bathroom sink is whether you should get a double end bathtub that doubles as a sauna if you live alone or a standard size tub that only comes with single handles so you can easily turn around and have access to the water anytime you want. As far as materials go, the good news is that every manufacturer offers a wide range of options so you can easily discover a match, whether you go wood, marble, chrome, vinyl, plastic, or stone.

4. Invest in the countertops

If you have chosen to install a double-end tub, you can definitely invest in the appropriate countertop material since it makes any existing installation much easier. Countertops are also great placeholders to show off beautiful bathroom decor! You will need at least 4 x 10 feet square for a bathtub as opposed to 6×9 feet in one of your outdoor spaces for example. Finally, a low price means it is likely that you will save on labor and maintenance.

5. Hire a plumber

A plumber might be cheaper than hiring a contractor in terms of installation costs which is pretty cool if you compare it to other methods of getting the job done.. Plumbers know what they are doing and know how to fix anything that makes the water system run smoothly. Moreover, waterproofing services in Toronto might be able to offer a special discount for anyone who doesn’t qualify for tax write-offs according to state regulations.


For this reason, ensure that all your fixtures and appliances are regularly cleaned. Keep an eye on them to identify any signs of leakage. Also check for any cracks on the wall or pipes. Be careful not to damage the seal. Regular leaking of water through these cracks may lead to contamination and may even lead to blockages. Prevent dripping through these seals by covering these areas regularly.

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