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5 Great Ways To Explore Canada


Canada truly is a spectacular country; whether you’re visiting from overseas or are lucky enough to reside on Canadian shores, there’s so much to see and do. From natural wonders like Niagara Falls and the Columbia Icefields, to top tourist attractions such as the Whistler Ski Resort and the Royal Ontario Museum. Canada has bustling cities and quaint towns and villages, incredible food and famously friendly locals. So whether you’re planning a trip from elsewhere in the world, or are looking to discover the wonders that are right on your doorstep, it’s always worth exploring Canada.

As the second biggest country in the world, Canada is vast- and so finding the best ways to travel around is something to think about. If you plan on stopping off at a number of different places then you’ll want to consider the best ways to go about it. Make the journey part of the experience and use it as an opportunity to see the sights and find out more about our wonderful country as you go. Here are some ideas to consider.

1. Travel by Bus

The humble bus shouldn’t be overlooked when you’re considering ways to get around and see the sights in Canada. Check out options like TourExpress bus service, thanks to these kinds of companies all major Canadian cities are very well connected. It’s an efficient and inexpensive way to get around, buses run regularly and are clean and comfortable. They offer ottawa to montreal bus service along with other routes for the convenience of the travellers.

2. Enjoy a Train Journey

While Canada enjoys an efficient rail service, you could go a step further and book a luxury rail experience if you really want to make the most of this method of travel. The Rocky Mountaineer train for example offers a variety of short and longer packages allowing you to discover the Canadian Rocky Mountains and across Western Canada. Or you could do a city hop, travelling across Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa and Toronto, finishing at Niagara Falls.

3. Take a Helicopter Tour or 4. Float on a Hot Air Balloon

Want to see Canada from a whole different perspective? How about from above?! Whether you want to soar in a helicopter or float in a hot air balloon, lots of companies offer these tours and it could be an extremely memorable highlight to your Canadian trip. Decide if you want to see mainly city views (which are breathtaking at night when all of the lights are lit) or a daytime tour over some of the most epic natural terrain in the world.

5. Kick Back on a Boat

Whether you want to travel by boat to get from A to B, or enjoy a boating party experience then there are plenty of options. From yachting at the coast to river, lake and canal cruises inland, you’ll be spoiled for choice when deciding which boating experience to go for. It’s a different experience to travelling by road, and is a fun way to see Canada from a new perspective so definitely one to consider!

Which of the above options would you be most excited for when visiting Canada?

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