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Author: TorontoTimes

Nothing suits Halloween better than ghouls and skulls…but when those skulls are filled with vodka, that’s a Halloween fete you don’t want to miss! Below are three devilish tasting cocktails from Crystal Head Vodka that create the perfect spook-tastic ambiance for a chilling Hallows’ Eve....
Halloween is around the corner and together with the usual costumes and imagery, come the many events that try, well, to celebrate horror. One of these events is the Malefycia Festival, which will hold its second edition this weekend and then again from October 27...

The fourth edition of the Au Contraire Film Festival, which showcases though-provoking films that deal with mental illness in order to break the boundaries, push the envelope and erase the.

As we fall back into the cooler months, it is time to prepare for the dreaded cold and flu season. This is especially important for young families, as back to school equals back to germs! Studies show that school children bring germs home from school...
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