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Betting on NHL and Hockey: Why it is super popular in Canada


Ice hockey is one of the most popular sports in Canada, and it has even spread to the US. With this fame, betting on ice hockey has been attracting a lot of attention, and it is a common theme among Canadian bettors.

The NHL season is underway, and many people are making money from betting on the games. So, it is not out of place to ponder why betting on hockey in CA is so popular. For people who are interested in joining the bandwagon of people wagering on the sport in the great white north, consider visiting Betting.ca to access the best sportsbooks that offer bettors the chance to stake on NHL games.

Why Ice Hockey Betting is Popular in Canada

Without a doubt, many Canadians bet on ice hockey. In fact, stats have shown that more people wager on NHL games than other sporting events in the country. Here are some compelling reasons why this is the case.

Top sports in Canada

1. History of Hockey in Canada 

The love for hockey in Canada is deep-rooted and has been a part of the nation’s culture for years. Many people believe the game originated in the country in the 1800s. Over time, the widespread nature of the game allowed it to become popular among kids and adults alike, and it is played on the country’s streets.

Soon it became the country’s favorite pastime, and several infrastructures were soon built to make the game more accessible. Now, nearly every Canadian understands the game and can passively participate in it without stress. You can say Canadians share a bond with hockey.

2. The Canadian National Teams and Leagues

A major boost to why Canadian bettors choose to bet on ice hockey is their love and understanding of the game. With a well-structured league system, the National Hockey League, most Canadians have had easy access to watching their favourite teams and sport. With a rich history that began in 1917, the sport has grown exponentially and claimed renown as the best professional hockey league even in most parts of the world.

The NHL currently has 31 teams, with franchises from Canada and the US all competing in the league. Apart from the NHL, Canada also has amateur and semi-professional leagues that provide a pool of potential stars. These leagues are also well-funded and provide the facilities to help the sport’s growth. The national teams are also doing great, so many people are drawn to the sport.

3. Canadian Fans 

Like every other top sport in the world, hockey also has vast supporters, most of whom are Canadians. This is similar to how Europeans take basketball and football seriously. Most of them are loyal and have supported their favorite teams since childhood. This also translates into how they bet, and many of them can be found betting on the NHL.

Aside from the betting, NHL games are usually packed to the brim, and those who can’t be there would be found stuck to their TV screen watching the games passionately. Overall, this support and passion have translated into a desire to wager on the games over the years.

Betting on NHL and Ice Hockey: Types of Bets Available 

For those who want to get into NHL betting, it’s important to know that there are several options to choose from. With options such as moneyline, over/under, prop bets, and puck line, there are several options available to punters. For moneyline bets, bettors vet to choose which team would win a game outrightly, and this is usually the most common bet type.

Over/Under bets usually focus on the games’ score, and bettors are expected to predict if the teams would score above or below a goal range. For puck line bets, bettors choose a team that would win the game and scores a total number of goals. This bet type is similar to spread bets, and most NHL bettors usually prefer this option.

Strategies for Betting on NHL and Ice Hockey 

Choosing the right strategy is an essential factor that would determine the outcome of your hockey bets and how much money would be made. Most inexperienced players, especially those who do not have knowledge about the NHL, tend to lose their money when betting on ice hockey without the proper approach.

Why people enjoy betting on hockey

However, with proper research, you can make a lot of winnings and improve your betting experience. It’s essential that you look out for pointers such as the team and player forms, head-to-head of both teams, and also consider injuries and suspensions before making a wager.

Also, things as mundane as weather conditions and home advantage play a role in the outcome of games, so you should factor these into your research. Finally, looking out for the best odds would save you a lot of losses and help you enjoy more profits.


Many people know that betting on hockey in Canada is super popular, but only a few understand the reasons behind this fame. Luckily, this article has been able to provide some context on that. Also, we have provided a few tips that will help you bet on the sport successfully and the various betting options available.

If you gamble, please gamble responsibly.

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