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25 Oscar nominees receive stay at a luxurious Ontario resort in their swag bags


TORONTO, March 14, 2023 – Roger Fortner dreams of the day when celebrities like Brendon Fraser, Colin Farrell, Cate Blanchett or Steven Spielberg show up at his door. Fortner owns the magnificent, ultra-modern property called ‘The Lifestyle’ located in Dunrobin, 35 km northwest of downtown Ottawa. An invitation to stay at his upscale property was one of the perks in this year’s Oscar ‘swag bags’ that were hand-delivered to all 25 Oscar nominees.

“I gave away 37 vouchers for a stay at The Lifestyle, which were placed in the Oscar swag bags and given to the nominees, host Jimmy Kimmel plus 10 members of the press” says Roger Fortner.

Appropriately named, ‘The Lifestyle’ offers luxurious accommodation, a fibreglass pool, jacuzzi, sauna, outdoor shower, fire pit, conversation areas and over 10.67 acres of privacy, complete with hiking trails. The three guest rooms can accommodate up to 12 people which is great for families or travelling with friends. And here’s perhaps the best part, your stay includes use of a sports car!

‘The Lifestyle’ is located in Dunrobin, 35 km northwest of downtown Ottawa. photography supplied by dreamproperties.com

“Our guests have access to my replica 1965 Shelby Cobra sports car or the 2023 Mclaren Artura. The Shelby is like the best of old-world design and the Artura is a fusion of art and the future of cars. The cars are on the property for guests to enjoy.”

Asked how he was able to arrange to get invitations for his property into those infamous Oscar swag bags, Fortner explains: “I was on LinkedIn and connected to Travel PR guru Cleo Anderson of the Anderson Media Group who represents high-end luxury hotels. She is the luxury travel curator of the Everyone Wins Goodie Bags which are given to the top 25 Oscar nominees each year. We connected and I presented my property.”

The amenities are also a big draw for guests wanting some fun and relaxation. There’s a horseshoe pit, archery area, bocce ball court, and plenty of hiking trails. You can see properties and the Ottawa River in the distance, but this sanctuary offers privacy for celebrities wanting to get away from the paparazzi.

“The sunsets and sunrises are simply amazing!” adds Fortner.

Asked how he got into the luxury property business, Fortner explains: “I am originally from Birmingham, England and on a visit to Ottawa I fell in love with the city. I am a full-time government consultant and when COVID hit everything changed. I have a love for modern architecture and didn’t expect to find this kind of property here, but I came across the listing and came to see the property and was blown away! It’s so different from anything I’ve seen—it’s not your cookie cutter home.”

While guests can arrive at the Ottawa International Airport or a nearby local airport, there’s also a flat area which can be used as a helicopter landing.

“Of course if Tom Cruise came, he’d likely want to fly his own plane,” chuckles Fortner.

For locals wanting to stay at ‘The Lifestye’, Fortner says to contact him through the website. There’s no minimum night stay.

Dazzled by the idea that Hollywood celebrities may call ‘The Lifestyle’ home for a few days, Fortner adds: “Watching the Oscars this year was very surreal when I realized that these internationally famous celebrities may be holding a voucher from me and may consider coming for a stay near Ottawa and enjoying everything this property and the area has to offer.”

For more information on The Lifestyle, visit thelifestyle.ca

by Laurie Wallace-Lynch

photography supplied by dreamproperties.com

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