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Canadian pop superstar JESSIA just delivered new unfettered break-up ballad “Next Time”


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TORONTO, March 25, 2022 – Today, Platinum-certified multi-JUNO Award nominee JESSIA delivers the piano-forward, unfettered truth bomb of a track ‘Next Time’, available everywhere via Artist Driven Records in partnership with Republic Records.

The vulnerability in her songwriting shines on ‘Next Time’, and JESSIA’s soft vocals steadily build from whisper to battle cry, with a robust crescendo that embodies crushing heartbreak so succinctly it leaves little for the imagination. There’s an aching familiarity to ‘Next Time’; the type of song that has you quietly reflecting on past relationships in one moment, and singing at the top of your lungs in wounded fury the next.

“The more we talk about our ugly feelings, the less power they hold over us,” says JESSIA. “I’m already seeing how powerful ‘Next Time’ is with the overwhelming number of stories and the vulnerability people are sharing through their own videos of singing the song. It’s beautiful what we are creating.”

After teasing the track on her socials, ‘Next Time’ quickly garnered over 50k pre-saves and added more than 50k new followers into the fold. “‘Next Time’ is like therapy,” JESSIA confirms. “The song has become a safe space for people to cry and scream and process their pain. I feel blessed that my music is once again connecting us and helping people find their power!”

Recently nominated for four JUNO Awards including ‘Breakthrough Artist of the Year’, ‘Single of the Year’, ‘Pop Album of the Year’, and the TikTok JUNO Fan Choice Award, JESSIA continues to carve her own unique path to stardom. Her debut single, the Platinum-certified ‘I’m not Pretty’ has garnered over 271M global streams to date and over 13M video views, and lead to her being the 8th most viewed Canadian artist on TikTok and chosen by CBC as one of the ‘Top Canadian Artists’ of 2021.

Listen to ‘Next Time’ HERE

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