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Features to consider while buying eyeglasses online in Canada


Do you want to get a new pair of glasses for yourself? Whether you want to buy glasses for the first time or you want to change your current spectacles, there are a few things you need to consider.

While selecting your eyeglasses online, you should consider the comfort, price, and function of the glasses you are considering buying. Moreover, you need to consider important factors to buy your eyeglasses online in Canada.


Before considering any features of buying your new spectacles, you need to make sure that you have an up-to-date eyewear prescription.

A prescription of up to 2 years is considered valid to buy new glasses online for adults. For young people, a prescription of 1 year is up to date. If you have a prescription older than that, you need to visit your eye specialist.

When you have the prescription, you can buy glasses online. You also need to measure your pupillary distance, you get the right size of the glasses. Ask your eye specialist to let you know what it is.


Do you want to know the secret to buying the best eyeglasses online? You need to choose the right frame. The right frame complements your look. Not only are you able to improve your vision, but you are also able to appear attractive.

Always choose a frame according to the shape of your face. Make sure that you pick a frame that suits your personality and profession. For a more serious and conservative look, you can stick to the classic shapes of the frame. This would allow you to appear professional. Oval, square, and round frames allow you to look serious. Moreover, you can choose black, brown, and gunmetal frame colours.

If you are a college student you can experiment with your looks. You can try retro and modern colors and different shapes of frames.

If you are a parent, you don’t have to be boring. You can choose a stylish pair of spectacles that looks great on your face. You don’t have to keep up with the latest trends but you can still appear stylish.

Anti-glare protection. 

If you are required to wear glasses every day you are aware of the fact that the reflections and glares disturb your vision. You are unable to see everything clearly. If you consider getting a special coating on the lenses, it could reduce the disturbance in your vision and make everything visible.

The anti-glare protection allows you to spend your time working on the computer for long hours without putting any strain on your eyes.

Spare pair of glasses. 

Wearing glasses is great. You are able to care for your eyesight and keep your eyes healthy. However, if you need to wear your glasses on a daily basis, it won’t hurt you to keep an extra pair.

If you are buying your eyeglasses online, you can consider getting the extra pair. There are a lot of retail shops in Canada that offer you buy one get one free glasses. The best thing is that they also remain in your budget.

You might break your glasses or you might lose them. You never know what happens to your current glasses. Therefore, it is always a good idea to get a spare pair of glasses.

You can choose a different shape and different colours of the frame of the spare glasses. This would allow you to experiment with your looks and enjoy wearing funky glasses. 

How to place your order for eyeglasses online? 

Placing your order for prescription glasses online is convenient and easy. The internet has made it faster and easier for you to get glasses online in Canada.

All you require to do is choose the options you prefer. Add your desired frame to your cart and enter your pupillary distance and prescription. Make sure that you enter all the information correctly.

It is always good to check your information before finally submitting your request to buy the glasses. If you enter your prescription number or pupillary distance wrong, it is going to make a big difference.

Always try your new glasses when they arrive. The online glasses stores give you a guarantee of accuracy. However, if you don’t find the glasses right, you can always tell them to give you a new pair.

If you find trouble with your vision with the new glasses, you should get them replaced immediately. Otherwise, you should wait and let the glasses adjust. You get about two weeks to 30 days to get your glasses replaced by the retail stores.

You can enjoy the perks of ordering top class eyeglasses online from specsfair in Canada.

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