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Toronto actor Adrian Walters appears in the new USA Network Series DARE ME (filmed in Toronto)


Young Toronto actor shares his preparation method for new role in Dare Me

above Adrian Walters recently featured in The Handmaid’s Tale TV series on CBC, will be in the new USA Network series Dare Me. Filmed in Toronto, the new series about the cut-throat world of high school cheerleading, begins airing December 29 in the US and will b available on Netflix in Canada.

When Toronto-based actor Adrian Walters learned he was cast for the role of ‘Marine Recruiter Jimmy Tibbs’ in the upcoming series Dare Me which airs December 29, 2019 on the USA Network and is filmed in Toronto; he knew that he not only needed to act like a Marine; he needed to look like one too. And so, the regimented routine began.

“I knew I had to get to a place where I believed I was a Marine,” says Walters. “So, I did my research, watched documentaries and films to study how a Marine walks and talks and carries himself/herself. Every morning before I went to the studio, I would do a regimen of 150 jumping jacks, 150 high knees and butt kicks; 200 push ups, 200 sit ups and more. I learned some Marine chants and would chant them as I ran. Doing all of these things helped me feel comfortable putting on that uniform. With that I gained a newfound respect for our men and women in service.”

Walters’ boyish good looks and charming personality also helped land him the role of Jimmy Tibbs.

“Tibbs has been a Marine for a few years and has a boyish demeanor, and an eye for the cheerleaders, and he likes to dip his toe into trouble now and then,” chuckles Walters. “He however always remembers his place and his loyalties and has great respect for his superior Sgt. Will. I can empathise with the character because although, I like to have fun, I am also pretty regimented when it comes to my work. I am very aware, and my moral compass is intact about knowing when it is time to play and when it is time to lock in.”

Dare Me is set in small-town America and is described as a series about the cut-throat world of a competitive high school cheerleading squad; filled with teen angst, jealousy, loyalty and the dynamics of power in a small Midwestern town. Based on a novel by Megan Abbott (who is also the writer of the series and executive producer, alongside Gina Fattore). The story revolves around two best cheerleading friends (played by Herizen Guardiola and Marlo Kelly) and their new coach (played by Willa Fitzgerald) who rolls into town with a mission to take the squad to greatness.

Walters and Amanda Brugel, who both had recurring roles on The Handmaid’s Tale, (Walters played Commander Horace while Brugel portrayed Rita), are now reunited with recurring roles in Dare Me. The new drama series is produced by UCP and Film 44. Netflix will co-produce and have first-run rights to the series outside of the U.S.

Walters is hush-hush about how his character fits into the story line: “I can’t say too much as I don’t want to give anything away.”

Walters started acting when he was just six years old, working as an extra in films and commercials before landing a national commercial for The Toronto “I was eight or nine at the time, and my mom told me about this audition for a TV commercial and I didn’t want to go—I just wanted to stay home and play video games. I went to the audition with my arms crossed, and a mad look on my face. My mom filled out the paperwork and told me to put a smile on my face. Two days later I got a call back for a second audition and eventually got the part. After over six years of committing to acting full-time, Walters landed game-changing roles, such as playing Xavier on In the Dark and the recurring role of Commander Horace on The Handmaid’s Tale (the first ever black commander in the history of the show).

“To have The Handmaid’s Tale on my resume has been huge for me,” states Walters. “The show was also released in America, so this helps open doors for me.”

If Walters had a crystal ball, where would he see himself five years down the road?

“God willing, I see myself doing all mediums—stage, TV, film, and like some of my heroes Denzel Washington and Leonardo DiCaprio, having fun working with exciting filmmakers with something to say, successfully carrying and opening films internationally that push the envelope and makes a contribution. Embodying well-rounded characters, with great arcs, in meaningful narratives that move me, excite me, challenge me and help me to explore all of my humanity throughout my experience. Nurturing my growth. Along with producing and developing content for the screen with BDB Productions Inc, a company I helped found in early 2016 with six other individuals.”

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