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Stanley Cup makes unforgettable ride on the TTC with former Maple Leafs star


Stanley Cup on display at Union Station

TORONTO, January 22, 2024 – That’s right. The iconic Stanley Cup made an unforgettable journey today with former Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Tomas Kaberle. Lord Stanley’s coveted trophy took a ride on the TTC subway from Davisville to Union Station thanks to the NHL and Rogers. The unexpected TTC journey was made to promote the upcoming NHL ALL STAR game happening in Toronto Feb. 1-3. Of course the surprise trip delighted hockey fans and unsuspecting TTC customers as they shared a subway car with the coveted trophy.

“Having the Stanley Cup ride the subway to Union Station today was all about the fans and their countless journeys throughout the years, relying on the TTC to get them safely to and from thrilling events in our sports loving city,” said Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow. “As the proud host city for the 2024 NHL All-Star Game, Toronto wanted to make a grand entrance, and we certainly did that with one of sport’s most iconic trophies riding the TTC.” 

“Thank you to the NHL and Rogers for thrilling our customers and for putting their faith in the TTC, just as Toronto sports fans do week in and week out,” said TTC Chair Jamaal Myers. “From all the home games, to major events like the Leafs’ thrilling playoff battles and the Raptors’ historic NBA Championship victory parade, the TTC has always been the trusted companion of sports lovers.”

It’s no secret that the TTC is also the preferred mode of travel for many elite players. They know that riding the TTC is not just a means to an end; it’s a pre-game ritual. Perhaps it’s the energy of the city coursing through the subway tunnels or the friendly banter among passengers that fuels their competitive spirit. Whatever it is, the TTC has become an integral part of their game-day routine. 


“At the TTC, we consider it a privilege to provide safe and reliable transit for sports fans, elite athletes, and all Torontonians. Whether it’s a game day or any other day, we are committed to taking our customers wherever they need to go,” said TTC CEO Rick Leary. “We are particularly grateful to the NHL and Rogers for making today’s historic TTC ride with the Stanley Cup possible. The experience has brought immense joy to our customers, adding to the excitement leading up to the NHL All-Star Game.”

From Toronto Maple Leafs star, Tomas Kaberle took the Stanley Cup on a TTC subway journey. The NHL is promoting the upcoming All-Star Game weeekend happening in Toronto next month Feb. 1-3.

While the Stanley Cup was on display at Union Station today, fans and commuters had the unique opportunity to get up close and take selfies with the cherished trophy. 

The TTC is looking forward to welcoming hockey fans from near and far for the NHL All-Star Weekend, Feb. 1 – 3, 2024.

photos by @NHLAlumni

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