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Five occasions where glue is your essential travel companion!


Glue seem to be getting stronger and resilient all the time. Manufacturers are developing adhesives that can bond materials that were notoriously difficult to bond. These advances in glue effectiveness and resilience make keeping a tube of glue with you or at least in the car a smart move.

With this in mind, let’s look at occasions where a tube of glue can get you out of trouble.



When hiking, a tube of glue can get you out of trouble. Imagine being near the summit of a long climb when you notice your backpack ripping or your shoe sole starts to work loose. Using a good glue here can at least keep you going until you can make a repair or replacement.

Make note that epoxy glues are incredibly strong and involve using a resin and curing agent and are normally dispensed using a special tube or come in separate tubes. Either way, this won’t add much weight to your pack.


Again, canvass and tent pole repair is possible with a good glue. Like hiking, a repair here salvages a trip and keeps you going until you can arrange a more permanent fix. Glues have reached a point where they have become the permanent fix.

It is not just the tent that can be repaired with glue. Airbeds, camping chairs, even parts of a stove can be fixed with the right glue.

Don’t let your time in the great outdoors be hampered by a mishap.

The car

If you’re trekking around in a car or motorhome, you may want to consider taking some glue with you in case you need to make an essential repair. A cracked taillight can be easily repaired, same with any fraying of the upholstery or broken mirrors. If you have a motorhome, cupboard handles and other things can be repaired.

Like the spare wheel, a good range of adhesives is good things to have in your vehicle.

Your hotel

If you’re staying in a hotel, again, glue is your friend. Should your favourite belt or suitcase strap start to fray, you can apply the appropriate adhesive and save the day.

Glues around the house

As well as when you’re on your travels, it is not a bad idea to keep a good selection of wood glues and other types in your home. Adhesives can fix your cutlery, picture frames, furniture, lamps and assist with various home improvement projects.


  • A good wood glue can hold two pieces of wood together while you work on it.
  • Glues can be used indoors and outdoors as many are capable of resisting extreme temperatures.
  • Some things can only be repaired using an adhesive.
  • Adhesives can be purchased to work with specific materials and conditions. These provide a great bond when cured.
  • It is not just repair but prevention that a strong adhesive can provide. By preventing wear and tear from getting worse, the longevity of an item can be considerably increased.

Glue is as much as an essential item in a toolbox, car, or backpack as a hammer, a spanner, or a compass.

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