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Give Your Old Car New Wings by Installing Modern Tech


To enhance the performance, safety, and comfort of your classic car, you may want to explore installing additional amenities. Remember that some collectors prefer originality above modernity when it comes to a given type of car. However, this usually entails a vehicle that is incapable of starting, steering or stopping.

Many people will want to get these cars scrapped, and you already know where to go to get the most cash for scrap cars on spot with free removal.

But if you want to make your classic feel more contemporary, why not modify it with new tech? With current tech in historic cars, how much and how it’s fitted can make all the difference. Let’s look at some of your options!

Get Some New Tunes

A number of classic automobile audio companies make units that seem authentic but have modern features like Bluetooth and input for cell phones and MP3 players. The new trend for touchscreen head units that fit into the dash of classic cars from the 1960s is hard to pass up. They look good and even have Apple CarPlay built-in. Adding some new speakers to your car’s original speaker covers won’t be noticeable to anyone but you.

To See Through New Eyes

Removable smartphone mounts are useful if you drive your car frequently and want to use your phone as a navigation device or a dashcam. Why not add a parking camera to your classic car? A variety of wireless cameras that may be attached to a vehicle’s license plate frame through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi are now available. They can even work at night thanks to infrared vision tech.

A minor complaint, perhaps, but they must be manually activated—they don’t come on when you go into reverse. Given that so many older automobiles have limited rear view, this is a sin that can be easily forgiven.

Pump Up Your Brakes

Early cars had drum brakes, which overheated and caused brake fade (a loss of stopping power). Most modern cars have four-wheel disc brakes, which is a major step up. An older car can have disc brakes, however, it may need a dual master cylinder. with a single-cylinder system, where a master cylinder supplies front and rear brake pressure, your brakes could fail if the system leaks.

Dual master cylinders serve the front and back brakes. This improves your chances of stopping safely in an emergency. Even with the original brakes, this is smart. Replace rubber brake-line hoses with braided steel. The adjustment enhances the feel of the pedal and combines retro looks with modern safety.

Give the Steering a Shot of Power

It’s well-known that classic cars are a pain to drive, especially if they don’t have power steering. Building upper-body strength by parallel parking a vintage town vehicle is a difficult task. Switching from bias plies to radial tyres is one method that helps, but there is another solution.

Hydraulic power steering has been phased out in favour of electric power steering by automakers in recent years. Aftermarket electric power steering devices are now available that may be tucked away out of sight so that not even a car show judge will be able to tell the addition.

Don’t Get Tired of Tires

Anyone who has driven on cold bias-ply tires before understands how shaky the ride can be. Bias-ply tyres have greater rolling resistance, resulting in faster tread wear and increased fuel consumption because of their construction. And the tire’s structure allows it to flex readily, resulting in a smooth ride that is more comfortable. On the other hand, it has the potential to reduce the tire’s grip on the road. However, if you’re looking for an original tire from a car built before the 1970s, this is it.

Radial tires are a much better option if you plan on driving on a regular basis. While cornering and under heavy loads, its tread provides a stronger grip on the road. The lower the rolling resistance, the better the fuel efficiency and the longer the wear life of the tires. The car will not swerve as much because they don’t follow the road’s flaws as closely as bias-ply tires do.

Lights, Camera, Seatbelts

Your old sealed-beam headlights should also be replaced with halogen or high-intensity discharge lights. Replacements are even available for models that appear to be vintage but aren’t.

Consider fitting safety belts if your car doesn’t already have them. Although they may not have been readily available at the time of your vehicle’s construction, don’t be a car owner who overlooks basic safety.

Final Thoughts

It is not only possible to modify your classic car with modern tech, but you can also keep it highly fashionable! However, be sure to only get it done by experts. So long as you know what you’re doing, you will be fine!

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