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Here are some hidden facts about tooth enamel


Tooth enamel is the exterior most layer of the tooth that is visible from the outside. It is a calcified, porous substance made up of calcium phosphate. The color of the enamel is something between white to beige, and it is semi-translucent. Do you know that it is the hardest part of the body? The enamel is the most vital element of dental health. However, it is prone to demineralization emanating from abrasion and erosion.

On the other hand, enamel erosion is a common issue that leads to loss of enamel. It may be because of the acid present in beverages and food items. The wearing out of the enamel is known as abrasion. The loss of the element from mechanical sources like a toothbrush is another profound problem.

The causes of enamel abrasion may be varied. However, there are three common types of enamel abrasion which are listed below:

Severe abrasion – If you locate deep grooves on the tooth, it is an indication of severe abrasion. It may lead to the problem of dentin at a later stage. In addition, it makes the teeth weak and fragile. If you compromise with the layer of dentin, the bacteria gets an easy inlet into the tooth.

Moderate abrasion – Mild abrasion takes the form of moderate abrasion. If you keep it untreated, the problem becomes acute. The signs of tooth decay are visible in this stage.

Mild abrasion – At this stage, the signs of tooth decay are not that visible. Only a minor thinning of the enamel layer becomes visible. If you go for a regular check-up, the dentist might tell you about this issue.

Dealing with enamel aberration requires dental help. You may take the assistance of Dublin dentist Dr. Pagniano to rectify the issue.

photo by Lesly Juarez for Unsplash

The way enamel abrasion affects oral health

If you are unsure about the fallout of enamel abrasion on dental health, you must take the help of experts. They will tell you about the different signs and symptoms which may indicate a possible dental issue. Apart from this, the following characters need serious management:

Tooth becomes sensitive to cold or hot beverages – When the teeth become sensitive to hot drinks or cool ones, it indicates enamel decay. When you consume icy beverages or hot drinks, it may cause sensitivity in the teeth. The pain sensation is one of the first indications of the problem.

Chronic sensitivity– Chronic tooth sensitivity is a consistent, sensitive feeling that stays for long. There is no reason or rhythm for this kind of sensitivity on a particular day. However, it is a common occurrence that may bother you.

Tooth fracture- At an advanced stage of enamel abrasion, you may develop tooth fracture. It is an acute medical condition that requires dental assistance.

Tooth loss- If you are enduring enamel abrasion, you will most likely bear tooth loss. Here as well, you need dental assistance to rectify the issue. Hence, taking the initial step will be beneficial so that the advanced signs do not crop up.

Both the factors as well as the results required personal attention. Regular brushing of the teeth twice a day is an essential part of dental health. If you want to keep the tooth enamel in proper order, you must visit your dentist regularly.

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