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How Immigration Consultants Can Help You with Your Canada Move


The prospect of immigrating to another country can be intimidating. There are so many factors and unknown laws involved that the prospect can feel completely overwhelming at first.

However, moving to Canada is not impossible, and every year, the numbers of people who manage to do so successfully grow. A LIVIN immigration consultant in Edmonton can help you with all your consulting needs.

This article will look at what an immigration consultant is and how they can assist you with your potential move to the country.

What is an immigration consultant?

An immigration consultant is someone who provides legal information to people looking to immigrate from one country to another. They assist with such things as explaining the overall legal process, assisting with documentation, and providing consultation on various practical issues of getting established in the new country. Consultations can include everything from job searches to education advice to obtaining travel visas.

What qualifications are necessary to become an immigration consultant?

Immigration consultants are somewhat similar to immigration lawyers in that they study immigration law. They must obtain a bachelor’s degree to practice the profession, and they must be members of the Immigration Consultants of Canada.

In looking for a consultant, you should ensure that the person you choose is licensed and is in good standing with either the Law Society or The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants.

You should also take the time to look up potential immigrant consultants’ ratings. If people are highly regarded by their clients, this serves as an extra indication of their credibility.

Keep in mind that immigration consultants are not the same as immigration lawyers. They can assist with providing tips, information, and advice, but they cannot provide actual legal services. If what you need is concrete legal help with initiating or completing a move, you should instead seek the services of a lawyer.

What are the specific things that immigration consultants assist with?

Immigration consultants provide advice for different categories of people coming into Canada. This includes the following:

Permanent residency. When you obtain permanent residency in Canada, there are many things that you need to learn about. First of all, consultants can assist with the process of gaining permanent residency. This can be a very complex task that involves a lot of paperwork, so it is good to have someone available to answer questions when necessary.

There are different levels of entry that Canada allows for new residents. A certain number of people are able to obtain “express entry,” meaning that they get put on the fast track to obtain residency between six to 12 months.

The number of slots that are available for express entry are limited, however. It would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with all of the common options before you make a decision. For those that cannot receive express entry, the process can take up to five years. Therefore, immigration consultants can also assist with providing other options to people.

Provincial Nominee Program. One of the other options is the Provincial Nominee Program. Canada also has a program that nominates foreign workers to come to a particular part of Canada to work. Each of Canada’s ten provinces and three territories includes its own criteria for application.

In general, the PNP program involves particular provinces choosing foreign workers based upon particular needs in those places. Occasionally, workers will be chosen based upon general needs that can be filled broadly. Your immigration consultant can advise you on how best to research your options.

Immigration consultant Canada

How can immigration consultants help you or others get to Canada?

If you or people you know are interested in moving to Canada, you should talk to a LIVIN immigration consultant in Edmonton. They will help you explore the options and see which one is best for you. In addition to the specific options mentioned above, you should consider the following possibilities:

Business immigration

Business immigration is a different category altogether. Business immigration involves people coming to Canada either as self-employed individuals or for the purposes of starting up a new business.

There are other options to entering the country than obtaining permanent residency. For example, you can try to obtain a work visa, which will allow you to stay for a certain amount of time. Note that business immigration involves a fair investment, so if you are not prepared to do this, it might be better to look into a different option.


If you have contacts in the country, you might consider the option of getting sponsorship. This applies particularly to people who have family members in the country, but you might be eligible to be sponsored by a friend, as well. Consultants can advise you on the specifics of going through the process. If you yourself are a resident and are interested in sponsoring a friend or relative, consultants can help explain the process of sponsoring to you.

Study in Canada

Canada hosts a large number of foreign students every year. Last year, the country hosted over 100,000 foreign students from different countries. Many of these students go on to obtain work permits and remain in the country following the completion of their studies.

Find a consultant and explore the options

How you or others choose to get to Canada will depend on your goals, qualifications, and contacts. As the country remains one of the most immigrant-friendly in the world, there are many paths that you can take if you want to go there. You just need to figure out how to meet the right criteria so that you can do so.

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